Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wish List

Lately, I have been thinking about the small things (or should I say crazy things) that I wish to have before I die. Some may call it Impossible Dreams; others are just to entice my imagination. Here it is (in random order).

Drum Roll…

1. Bren Bataclan’s painting
2. Kenneth Cobonpue’s furniture
3. Audi car
4. Stocks in the stock market
5. Lots of coloring books
6. UNO Stacko
7. Hula Hoop
8. Skate Board
9. Exercise Mat
10. Muay Thai Training Materials/Gears
11. Washing machine: Front-loading washers
12. DVDs of my favorite movies and tv shows
13. All types of bags (original but not more than 2k)
14. Autograph of Ely Buendia
15. A photo with Elmo Magalona and Michael V.
16. Original CDs of my favorite artists
17. Canon professional camera
18. Photos of me on the grounds of different scenic spots in the Philippines
19. Swatch watch
20. Breathe Hope bracelet
21. A house with 400 sqm floor area
22. A corporation (with my friends as business partners)
23. Personal website
24. Book collection
25. A farm in the South
26. An autobiography
27. Van for the family
28. Home Theater System
29. Joey de Leon’s painting
30. Laptop
31. Frisbee disc
32. High-end condo unit
33. Bank account with 8 digits
34. Children’s Playground
35. At least three pair shoes and flip-flops that fit (if that happens, I’ll be the happiest person on earth. I swear!)

I had to stop there because my entire lifetime will not be enough to complete the list. And that’s absolutely normal. Why? Because material things never satisfy human beings. Why? (a) Because it’s only good when it’s new; (b) Because the quality of any product only last for a certain period; (c) Because its value depreciates as new products come out in the market; (d) Because we consume it and it's gone forever; (e) Because sooner or later it becomes a piece of artwork that nobody notices and so on and so forth. And the longing for material things continues...

Some material things are basic necessities. We use it on a daily basis. Others are just human desires. We can actually live without it. The preceding wish list is an example. Yes, I want it so badly but honestly I don’t need it. So I am willing to wait until I have more than enough. But if the time doesn’t come, my life will not be in big chaos. Life goes on and will continue to dream - dream big.

There is a saying “Looks can be so deceiving.” That’s probably the reason why we human beings are easily captivated to things. But the truth is any non-living object has no capacity to make a person truly happy. The joy that we get from material things is only temporary. However, I am not saying that we should stop dreaming about having this and that. After all, dreaming is free. I just hope that our personal desires are not the utmost reason why we live. It is not the most important thing just servants of our true wealth.

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-ellesig- said...

i use to wish for a camera, camera lang :) now i have more than one and i barely even use them.

someone told me that dreaming for things that are quite impossible to have will only leave you lonely. i havent prove her wrong but i say dream BIG.


Rej said...

Yeah dreaming big is what makes life exciting. :)

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