Monday, June 28, 2010

Harvest Time

I have just realized that achieving the things that we have been dreaming of is not always the best feeling. Sometimes it’s just a way to direct us towards the path where we can have a truly happy heart. It isn't an easy journey though. Sometimes we have to go through rough roads, long and unwanted situations. Halfway, you will ask yourself "Is this what I really wanted to do?" It's frustrating if you answer "No." With all the time and energy that have been wasted, it is so typical to be resentful. But we should all realize that life doesn't end in one or two or multiple failures. Keep the faith. Someday, you will reap the product of your hardwork and patience (but maybe in some other way). :)

3 Speak:

Ruby said...

nice post...right now i have yet to achieve my dreams and i have yet to go to the path to make me truly happy...hehe...xD

Pamela said...

it's always been nice reading positive posts. :)

Rej said...

@ Ruby: Yeah. You can do it girl! :)

@ Pamela: Thanks. :)

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