Thursday, August 19, 2010

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Fortuneteller n - one who professes to predict future events.
Psychic n - a person apparently sensitive to nonphysical forces.
Prediction n - something predicted; a forecast, prophecy, etc.
Tarot reading n. - revolves around the belief that the cards can be used to gain insight into the current and possible future situations of the subject.
I have not tried consulting a psychic or fortune teller despite several invitations from friends and family. Ok, there were few attempts but nothing serious. I swear. I actually believe in ESP. The ability to foresee a person’s character and the events that happened, are happening and will be happening in a person’s life is perhaps one of the biggest mysteries in the history of humankind. Sounds exciting, right? Most specially if highly recommended by a trusted loved one.

Most of us, if not all, are curious about our fate. That’s probably one of the primary reasons why many people flock in the sides of Quaipo Church. Like everybody else, I also want to have a sneak peek of what lies ahead of me. So although not a big fan of “real fortune tellers,” I am fond of free online tarot reading. Well, anything free is definitely a source of bliss for me. Despite that, my mind is still close to the idea of opening both hands into a stranger and let him/her interpret my palm lines. Because I am afraid that if he or she sees a bad thing it might have a psychological effect on me. Unlike in free online tarot reading, the result is broad. In real life, the predictions are more specific and personal. I don’t want to create my own ghost. And I think it is stupid to be scared of something that is not yet happening or may not even happen. Although not that type of person, the bad forecasts will surely reside in my memory along with the good ones. And that’s exactly what I am trying to avoid.

Moreover, I believe that although there are things that we cannot control, those that are bound to happen no matter what, majority of the events in our lives are the outcome of the decisions that we make every single day. Our future lies in what we do in the present time. Example: the tarot card reader predicted financial abundance. If I just sleep all day, will I become financially prosperous? NO, because wealth is a product of both faith and action. Certainly not an instant thing. If there is such thing, then maybe that’s fate - destiny that we cannot control (that's according to my high school teacher). And before you know it, your “friends” have terribly multiplied. :p 

Prediction is called prediction because there is no absolute truth to it. However, I believe that psychic power exists for a reason. Perhaps to serve as guidelines and caution. But in the end, it is up to us if we will make things happen or choose a different path; if we want to have a life with a happy ending or not. Consulting a psychic, a tarot card reader or Manang Bola could be creepy or exhilarating, that’s why we have a choice. And I think listening to one’s conscience is still the best option. I mean, we don't need to have a fully opened third eye or irregular brainwaves or uncanny nature to see our destiny. Just more convictions supplemented with action. 

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