Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I, Me, Myself & My Frugal World (Part I)

I’m frugal. My brothers know that. My mother knows that. My father knows that. My four younger cousins know that. And now, I am opening the portal to My Frugal World to everybody. Wide open.

1. When I was still in college, there were days that my wallet contained just the exact amount (or 1-5 peso higher than the exact amount) for my pre-calculated expenses. This way I was able to turn down the unneeded and was able to save more bucks than usual.

2. When I was still employed, I preferred receiving my meager income in small brown envelope than in ATM. Simply because bus conductors are more delighted to receive exact fare than a hundred bill lalo na sa umaga. If you’re a commuter like me even 25 centavos matter (or sa akin lang?)

3. A regular lunch meal in school or office canteen was usually @ P50+. For me, that figure was already close to expensive. So once or twice a week I would have a "tupperware meal." No wonder I used to have dry skin.

1. Tricycle fare from the subdivision’s main gate to our house is nine pesos; 36 pesos if special (para akong sumakay ng aircon bus papuntang Santolan). Because of this, walking has become an instant weight loss regimen if the sun is not too hot (di baleng pagpawisan ng bonggang bongga wag lang magbayad ng 36 pesos na sapalagay ko ay overpriced). I hate debates so I’m keeping my angst to myself.

2. Sometimes when I crave for a happy meal, I bring bottled water so I wouldn’t have to buy myself a drink. That’s less 2-5 pesos I think. I’m 5 peso richer. I love that (oh, you don't?)!

3. At night, I don’t turn on the electric fan for as long as I’m not bathing in sweat. That is my simple way to reduce our electricity bill. Unfortunately, I still haven’t seen a dramatic tumble. Should I stop using computer? Oh no, I didn’t do any crime (aside from killing bugs and mosquitoes). I don’t deserve such punishment.

To be continued…

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dang said...

hahhahaha can't wait for the next sound very exciting Rej...:-)

Rej said...

hehe! salamat po. :D

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