Sunday, August 21, 2011

I am a Mommy

Today, I have a confession to make.

I am a single mother.
I am a mother of fifteen. Two of which are not breathing but are very much alive. My fifteenth baby is one-week old and his nickname is Juan - the male counterpart of my real name translated in Filipino. And of course, he’s not human as well as the fourteen others. As of my last count, I have eleven cats and two dogs. The last two that complete the list are micro businesses – sari-sari store. My mother has fully adopted the other one that makes Juan my sole responsibility. But the thirteen animals are all under my custody. Thank God they are not humans.

Ang Tindahan ni Juan for Every Juan

In my desire to start the business right, I registered the business on the first day. Since Juan and my real name belong to the same kin, I thought why not use the name Juan? Not to mention, my brother and cousin are both John. And the second Juan represents Juan dela Cruz. Inspired by Eat Bulaga’s All for Juan, Juan for All, Ang Tindahan ni Juan for Every Juan was born on August 15, 2011 at exactly 4:30 in the morning. I got his birth certificate at 12 pm the same day.

Seriously, I consider this as a taste of motherhood. Having thirteen pets to feed everyday is insane, consuming two cups of uncooked rice every single day. My mother buys galunggong approximately twice a week. Oh! My cats love it. It’s their favorite. If unfortunate, a can of Ligo which they hate. My dogs, on the other hand, are somewhat less fortunate. When meat is unavailable, I feed them with rice and coffee or fresh milk as soup. No wonder, sometimes my dogs resemble zombies. Haha! My non-living children are considered the luckiest. They are most pampered. We can’t afford to starve them because it will affect our sale. Thus, we are very mindful of their needs. Motherhood, however, is not just about feeding. It’s about a whole lot more and it’s complicated. All real mothers know that for sure.

I just turned 28. During my birthday, an aunt greeted me and said “Pwede ka na mag-asawa at magkababy.” I answered “Matagal na ko pwedeng mag-asawa at magkababy di pa nga lang pinapanganak ang mapapangasawa ko.” Of course, I was joking. Marriage and conceiving, honestly, have not yet entered my mind. Even having a boyfriend. Ooopppsss!!! Did I just say I’m still single and available?...Oh yes, but not ready to mingle kahit sa tanda kong ito. Ok, enough of my boring love life.

Today, I just want a life and be the successful person that I envisioned. I am not proud of where I am now but I am happier that I am not stuck in an 8 to 5 job. I love my freedom. At age 28, one of my utmost priorities is my fifteen children. And it’s a joy to be a single mother 24/7. I can’t wait to see my children grow specially my youngest son, Juan.

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shengmarie said...

Glad to know you are a mom like me too, only, i'm a real mom and you're just a mom to felines and a store. Hahaha, but all in all, it is an overwhelming responsibility. It starts in yourself, a choice if you want your children to be successful. Aja, my friend!

Rej said...

salamat po.:)

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