Friday, February 17, 2012

Investing in the Stock Market Simplified

For many years, SM North EDSA was sensational - a huge household name for shopaholics particularly for Quezon City residents. When Triangle North of Manila or more popularly known as TriNoma opened in 2007, SM North has started vying for the number one spot. Last week I was stunned to find out that the Ayalas have begun building another money empire in Fairview, Quezon City where one of the kingdoms of Henry Sy has long been in supremacy. With this new development at hand, do you smell another rivalry?

It is so easy to assume that Ayala Corporation is the antagonist to SM domination. But, really? There may be a big truth to this but a wise man knows how to strategize. That’s what I have realized when I opened the list of Top 100 Stockholders (common) of AyalaCorporation as of December 31, 2011 in PSE website. I was in awe to see Shoemart Investment Inc. at no.5, Henry Sy Sr. at no. 7 followed by SM Investment Inc at no. 8. Isn’t that brilliant? Henry Sy and his companies will continue to prosper even though his malls don’t make much money (which I doubt will ever happen). In times of famine and loss, I bet, Henry Sy will remain the richest man in the Philippines.

To sum it up...
1. In business, if you can’t completely beat your foe, make him your ally.
2. That is Stock Market simplified.
2.1   Choose.
2.2   Share.
2.3   Earn.

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Anonymous said...

Nice thoughts Rej, that is what we call "tactics" :)

Well as long as investors in a company does not violate the "same interest" rule, no one can say that Henry Sy can invest in Ayala Corp. and the other way around as well.

Rej said...

yeah. and if one wants to get rich dapat makinig sa tactica ng mga mayayaman na proven and effective. hehe

Giselle said...

i saw that rising ayala mall sa Fairview! malapit sa.. SM Fairview. ah? hehe!

Rej said...

nsa SM Fairview ako kanina nakalimutan kong tignan. hehe!

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