Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Shopping Date with Big John

Valentine’s Day is near. For the proprietors of restaurants and hotels, it’s a time of joy, a time of feast, a time to make money! For couples and families it’s the time of the year that we creatively express our affection to those we love. For third year and graduating high school students, it’s JS Prom. But for the class of my youngest brother it’s Senior’s Night.

Last Sunday, my brother and I had a date in two different department stores in preparation for the upcoming event. Our first stop was SM North EDSA. Unknown to us, it was the last day of the three-day sale period. Heavy traffic was not in EDSA it was inside the mall. When I felt that my brother was beginning to lose his temper, I decided to move to Trinoma. Thank God, the traffic there was moderate. We immediately proceed to Men’s Formal Wear. We mutually agreed to buy a pink long-sleeve. But a gray/bluish striped suddenly caught my brother’s attention. He tried it on and voila “it’s perfect” - the color is very manly yet youthful, the fitting is just right and the price is less 20%. We explored some other brands for the slacks but we ended up buying the same brand name. Because of the huge discount that we got, we still had a few more bucks to buy a neck-tie and thankfully we easily found a perfect design that would complement the whole attire. Thanks to the designer and saleslady of Wall Street. We had an easy time shopping. And wait there was more: a nice reusable black paper bag. :) After shopping, our tummy went rumbling. Without much thought, we proceeded to the Foodcourt and ordered two Greenwich heavy meals. With a musical band serenading we had a sumptuous snack. Then, we went home. Generally, the entire time that we were together was just so peaceful. No fighting. Clap! Clap! Clap! : )
This rare bonding moment with my brother made me realize that our baby is now a binatilyo. A lot of changes are expected to happen - inevitable and essential in character building towards becoming a better person.  I’m not just certain if I’m ready to loosen my protective attitude and let him do some things on his own. One thing is sure though, come Senior’s Night I believe a lot of girls will turn gaga. Ika nga nila, love your own. Hehe!

Photo taken 5 years ago (and he is not John Regala)

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