Friday, June 1, 2012

Magnenegosyo ako. Ows?!

Business is not for everybody. This is a short but thought provoking statement from the speaker in one business-related seminar that I attended. Among the many essential matters that he shared, it was that simple message that had the biggest impact in my memory. I agreed, instantly. Evidently, not everybody has financial resources to start a business. When I remembered this recently, I realized that my reason was so lame; that there’s actually a bunch of grounds why not everybody can venture into business.

Have you heard this “Ang hirap magtrabaho. Pag may pera na ko, magnenegosyo na lang ako”? Perhaps you have heard it from some relatives; or some friends; or from neighbors; or from colleagues; or from anonymous people inside a jeepney, in food courts, in public places.  Well, I have heard it too and I bet as many times as you do. Years passed by, a lot (if not all) of people that said that are still employees. Sometimes some people couldn’t start a business because it’s all in their mind and they don’t actually make an effort to raise capital. Serious aspiring entrepreneurs, however, know how to put aside or think of ways how to raise funds. However, business is not just about money. I once thought that starting a business could be simplified in an equation as simple as this:
 Money + Business Plan = Business
Now that I, myself, is a micro entrepreneur, I am beginning to understand that starting a business is not just about having a capital and a business idea. Putting all your resources into reality is entirely different and it’s complicated. Starting a business is challenging, affecting all aspects of one’s life. When my family and I were just beginning, I was full of zest. I was already thinking of expansion and hiring more people. In two years of running micro businesses, there were many times that I wanted to give up because it seems to me that nothing much is happening. Today, I have become oblivious of my initial plans. Realizing all the adversities attached in doing business, I have seemingly found contentment in our current status. Satisfied that at least we are able to pay our monthly outlays.

Today, Metro Manila is cluttered with huge shopping malls and other commercial buildings. The used to be location of our grandparent’s favorite grocery is no longer in existence. With the emergence of various shopping centres in the metropolis, a lot of micro and small businesses are dying. But a true entrepreneur, despite a no match to the moguls of our society, knows how to vie. I believe, they are the ones who have learned that doing business is more than just having material treasures and concept. Business is character, skill and passion rolled into one. And I must say, at this point I’m still asking this: Is business really for me?

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Giselle said...

business is more than making money, you have to breath it, eat it and when you're sleeping, dream of it.. parang exaggerated but its true, hindi ka pwedeng pumasok sa negosyo ng may mga tanong, hindi sa lahat ng pagkakataon 100 percent sure ang isang tao pero nakakatulong kung ang isang bagay ay maayos na pinagplanuhan at inisip ng paulit - ulit, at ulit pa ulit.. try harder rej! :) good luck!

Giselle said...

love your new layout!

Rej said...

thanks. mas mataas naman ung percentage na gusto ko to kesa sa sumuko. en tama ka, paulit ulit mo nga talagang iisipin kung ano ba talaga... hay! :)

Giselle said...

rej! happy birthday! :)

Rej said...

thanks giselle.

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