Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My First Movie Review: 100

It was a late Saturday night. Just when I thought of pressing the off button in the remote control, Mylene Dizon appeared in the boob tube in a silent scene. Few minutes later, she was joined by Eugene Domingo. I got nailed in the couch, instantly. This is not drama. It’s comedy. And it's not Cinema John Lloyd.

Fed up of seeing huge emotions and hearing long dialogues in both tv dramas and local movies, this film though a serious story was treated in a very simple, light and natural approach (as if the actors are not acting) yet tear jerking. It was an independent film about a woman in her thirty’s stricken with cancer played by Mylene Dizon. The entire movie revolves around the remaining days of the main character named Joyce (Mylene Dizon). Because of her grave condition, she decided to leave her successful career. Knowing that she only had few days to live she decided to live life to the fullest. She spontaneously wrote 100 things she would like to do in a small note pad and stick it in her wall. Together with her best friend Ruby (Eugene Domingo), every single day she would fulfill it with head up high and full of zest. Ruby, instead of crying a bucket of tears, joined Joyce and showered her best friend with time and attention.
Telling the painful truth to her mom (Tessie Tomas), was apparently the hardest thing to do in her bucket list since her father died of the same illness not so long ago. Joyce mother, in the beginning of the story, was seemingly living an easy and quite glamorous life. But as soon as she found out the poor health of her daughter her character naturally transformed. She then became a typical mom in a typical Filipino household just wearing simple clothes mostly duster, taking care of everything that her daughter needs. Hopeful, she brought Joyce to Manaoag Shrine and asked for a miracle; tried Chinese herbal medicines; sought different doctor’s opinion; had a pray-over rite, forcefully changed Joyce eating habits and prevented her from smoking. But nothing worked. In an emotional scene, Joyce pleaded her mother to just accept her situation so if and when she dies, she will die peacefully.

The story also showcased Joyce many relationships with other family members, former colleagues and a couple of love affairs. With loved ones beside her, she organized her fate with such order and gusto as though a fabulous event is about to unfold.  I am putting an end here because I do not intend to give away the entirety of the movie. I highly encourage you to find a copy of this film and watch it yourself and be moved. This film will teach every viewer how to look at a difficult situation from a new angle with enthusiasm. There are many tearful scenes but expect to smile and laugh too. A perfect mixture of drama and a pinch of wit every now and then and a very valuable reminder that life is short...let us not waste it...

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HappySurfer said...

Hi Rej, I couldn't find a place to comment on your latest post, Pressing the Fast Forward Button, so thought I'd detour a little and sneak in a comment here.

What a lovely post. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes and may all your dreams come true.

Rej said...

Thank you HappySurfer. Your presence made me smile. May your dreams come true too. :)

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