Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Simple Joys of a Woman

Love begins with a dubdub
Heart beating fast
Cheeks blushing red
Eyes shining gloriously
Face glowing even without make-up.

As days go by
Small secrets are being revealed
Little by little
Patience turns double up
Imperfections become fine.

One day the man kneels down
With hands shaking like a leaf
He breaks the big question
Without much thinking
You say YES, I will.

When the church bell rings
Everybody gets inside
To witness a solemn wedding
United by true love
A blessing from God above.

Under one roof
You talk, laugh and cry
In a king bed
You cuddle each other
In warm or cool nights

Later on you realize
You partner snores so loud
Your neighbors can hear it
Messy in the house
His things are all over.

It’s 11 o’clock in the evening
The door bell rings
Where have you been, honey?
You ask with a concern tone
Followed by “Do you want some coffee?”

The next day, you cook adobo
He says it’s good
You taste it with a spoon
You are sure he’s lying
But he gets some more.

Your first born suddenly screams
He leaves his laptop
Rushes towards his Junior
Put the baby on his lap
Hey, Daddy is here.

Behind the beige wall
You peek and stand in awe
Strike a big smile and whisper
There is improvement in humanity
Junior’s nose is better than Daddy.

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5 Speak:

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

i like this one..nice poem..

tim said...

it is always good to know how woman makes the life of a man into a fairytale. Love your post!

Rej said...

I guess when I was doing this, I was thinking about the first three years of courtship and marriage. And the future is big a mystery. :D

Thanks for dropping by Arvin and Tim. :)

Glampinoy said...

isa ka rin palang makata. Go Rej...more post like this.

Rej said...

salamat po sa pagappreciate. Sige susubukan ko uli.

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