Wednesday, January 6, 2010

They Dreamt. They Believed. They Survived

I alone know the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster,plans to bring about the future you hope for. – Jeremiah 29:11

Last year I had a post entitled My Top 10 Most Wanted for 2008 – a list of persons who made a big impact in my life in 2008. This year I would like to make a simple tribute to few people who believed in the power of their dreams and survived tough challenges in pursuit of their dreams.

Meet Boy Mandaragat. He grew up in a middle class family. When he was a little boy, a grade higher than 79 was enough basis for a celebration. But do not underestimate him because he was very good in one thing – Math. However it was not enough to alleviate his general average from pass to satisfactory. No wonder he didn’t get a college degree. In short, he didn’t love school. So he settled in any job available and suitable for a high school graduate. He started as a kargador. Years later, he got his professional license in maritime engineering. Now at the age of 58, he is still a dedicated sailorman. I didn’t know exactly how he succeeded. But one thing is definite: he dreamt big and won big.

Meet Super Lolo. He is 79 years old (turning 80 next month). I believe he already got everything. And yet, even at his age, he has not stopped dreaming. Not primarily for himself but for his descendants. I bet dreaming is his favorite pastime. But he doesn’t stop there he perseveres and works very hard. He knew all along that dreaming is nothing without faith and action. Actually, he is far from being a multimillionaire. I’m also skeptical if his total assets will reach a million. But he owns a wealthy mindset, a treasure which no one can rob.

Meet Tita.La Visa Loka. Two years ago, she applied for a US Visa. Her application was denied. She was devastated for a while. Months later, another invitation came in. This time she was being invited to visit United Kingdom. But the monetary requirement was a huge barrier. But she didn’t give up. She really prayed for it. Lo and behold, she was able to raise the fund needed. But of course, the bigger challenge is yet to come – the interview. She continued to pray and believed that her dream will come true. And yes, God answered her prayer. The UK Embassy granted her with a Multiple Tourist Visa. She went there in September last year and came back December 26 with a victorious spirit.

Meet Doctor Not Quack Quack. He was bright but not the type who goes to school with thick eyeglasses and a big back pack; that sits in the corner and reviews his lessons. A pen and a few piece of paper were his favorite buddies. When there is no teacher he never fails to make noise. And yet he graduated with honors. A natural genius, indeed. His ambition i sto become a doctor. Last year, his ultimate dream finally came true. A medical course, as we all know, requires a lot of years of serious study. And only those with a big heart survive in the rat race. I mean, he could have taken a different path along the way. But he chose to hold on to his dream. Now, he is earning the product of his hardwork.

Meet Mr. Police Matulis. What do you want to be when you grow up? To become police, he answered. His ambition in life has remained untainted since he was a little boy until he goes into college. Last year, he graduated in criminology and got his professional license. It was a tough journey – mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. The hardship reflected on his current physique. And yet, the real challenge has not even started. But he is a tough guy. Since he was young, he has learned to believe in the power of his dreams. In the end, he succeeded. I’m sure he will bring the same spirit as he faces a new and more complicated chapter of his life.

Definitely, there are a lot more to add in the list. But the message is clear - Let’s keep on dreaming. Having a dream is what makes life exciting. But of course, a dream is nothing without faith and action. We should persevere and work hard for it. And when we have done our part, let go and let God. May all your dreams come true.

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Arvin U. de la Peña said...

and i will survived..

Glampinoy said...

Indeed we can be inspired by people around us. Even people we did not meet but have heard or read about can make a great impact on our lives.

Rej said...

True. :)

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