Saturday, April 10, 2010

First Love Never Dies

I miss the days when I was spending hours in front of this flat screen
Like a jigsaw puzzle I was trying to put the right words together.
My mind, my heart and my soul were in euphoria
I could feel the passion flowing in my blood streams.
I believe I have already reached the central point
But now I think I’m back to level one.
Upon realizing this I’m thinking of giving up my farm
And go back to blogging – to real blogging.
I have never envisioned this blog as an alternative to Twitter
I am really hoping that I can use this for a greater purpose.
But obviously I became unfaithful to my mission-vision
Got magnetized with the latest craze.
But there is a saying “First Love Never Dies”
And in this case I really think it’s true.

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Arvin U. de la Peña said...

first love never die nga talaga..pero pagtagal nakakalimutan din iyon,hehe..lalo na kung may iba ka ng nakakahiligan..

Rej said...

naaddict sa farmville. hindi ko nga tinaniman ngayon eh. hehe!

jeon said...

farm? as in totoong farm o farmville? dont give up blogging rej, i like your blogsite kahit di ako masyado dumadalaw.

Rej said...

farmville ate. hehe! parang di na nga ko marunong magblog. back to zero. :D

Ruby said...

your opening words were like a grand entrance to....a farm...heheh...nakakasurprise lang...galing mong pumili ng words..parang natrtransport ako sa ibang farm..heheh..
...keep on blogging and use this as a tool for a greater purpose...heheh ^_^

Rej said...

@ Ruby: lol. thanks :)

-ellesig- said...

tama. i took a break from blogging and now.. i have nothing to say.

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