Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Do you still remember the first time you rode a PUV on your own?
How did you feel?

I was both frightened and excited.

I was in 5th grade when I learned to travel all by myself. Since our house is miles away from my school, my mom had to teach me how to ride all types of public utility vehicles. We would leave the house as early as 4:30 am because flag ceremony was at 6 am. It was our daily routine for more than a month. Then, it became I and my brother until it came to a point that I had to stand on my own two feet.

When I was in that age or during adolescent period, I used to ask myself “Why did my mom allowed me to go here and there alone while those of my age were always accompanied by an adult?” I was envious to other children; to most of my schoolmates whose parents were always there to drop them off and to pick them up after class. I felt terribly bad when I would encounter a road mishap or I had to go to school on stormy days and I had no one to turn to because I was alone. Little did I know that my mom was actually teaching me a tremendous lesson.

Sometimes in life we have to go through some pain for us to learn a very valuable lesson. And that is exactly what my mom did. I have become an independent person because of her. Well, not at all times but at least I am armed with good amount of confidence. And because of that I am quite certain that I can go anywhere. Because my mom said “Kaya mo yan!”

In every journey, a threat of getting lost or hurt is a common scenario but definitely we will reach our destination no matter how tough and how long it takes. Similar to our Christian life, there are times that we wonder why God, the father, is not answering our prayers. We ask God “Where are you?” or “Why have you abandoned me?” Like our parents, God is a loving father and He does not abandon His children. When we are in a pickle, God just want us to strengthen our faith in ourselves and in Him. For the bible says “Sometimes it takes a painful experience to make us change our ways – Proverbs 20:30.”

Listen. God is telling you “Kaya mo yan!”

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I am Xprosaic said...

Lam ko 3rd grade ako una sumakay ng jeep kasama ng kaklase ko... nagcut class kami para pumunta sa bahay ng isa pa naming kaklase... wala akong alam nun paano magcommute at lalong walang alam ang parents ko nun na nagcutclass ako... ahahahahahahha... pasaway na ako noon pa man... lagi akong non conformist! Kaya madalas adventure yun sa akin....ahahahahahahahahaha

Pamela said...

Kaya talaga lalo na when you know God's with you in your journey. :)

Ruby said...

wow! i totally agree with you...let's just say i went through a similar experience but not with a PUV..hehe..but helped me become independent...and yes once in my life did i have some doubting thoughts about the things happening to me but overall i'm glad they happened coz they made me a stronger person and made my faith stronger too! :)

God bless your good heart and may you inspire more people :)

Rej said...

@ Xprosaic: masaya yan! hehe! pero ginawa ko na yan college na ata diretso sa mall kc takot sa recitation. lolz :D

@ Pamela: true. :)

@ Ruby: thanks. naiinggit pa nga ko sa iba dati kc pagnagpapasama ko kahit sa may bayan lang ako pupunta ayaw pa ko samahan. yung iba parati may kasama. :( pero looking back, natutuwa naman akong balikan yun kasi sa height ko nun (na parang wala naman pagbabago ngayon.hehe!) nakaya ko yun. :D

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