Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Is This Love? - His Version (Part V)


He turned to his right
Still a huge crowd
Rolled his eyes left and right
But the two couldn’t be found.

He arrived at home
With a miserable heart
But the glow in his face
Oh! More strikingly hot.

His younger brother
Greeted him and said
“Bro, can I use your laptop
Even just for a short time?”

He shouted a big "NO"
Then moved fast to his room
As if Sadako Yamamura
Was raring to chase him.

He opened his black laptop
And clicked the internet tab
The connection was slow
He was so irritated.

Three knocks from his brother
With a pleading request
“Bro, my project is due tomorrow
This is my last chance to pass.”

He wanted to be quiet
As if he had a deafear
Be selfish just for once
However it was not him.

He checked his FB quickly
And noticed two notifications
A tagged old photo and
A truffle gift from a Don.

His brother entered his room
With a mountain of files
It didn’t seem like for a while
But he could no longer say NO.

He remained visible
Despite his brother’s presence
But his brother was unmindful
Of a new message.

To be continued...

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