Friday, September 17, 2010

Change of Habit

After my usual afternoon habit, I went outside and was greeted by two things: (1) my pet dog wagging his tail and (2) a horrible sight –disgusting green grass and dead leaves scattered everywhere. It didn’t take me too long to realize that our front yard has turned into a mini forest. I’m sure it has been there for quite a long time but I was constantly ignoring it. Admittedly, I put more weight on household tasks rather than keeping the outside scenery pleasing. But this afternoon without much thinking, I sheared and uproot the grass using my bare hands and swept the dead leaves and other waste. All of a sudden, I’ve realized that the outside of our house is as important as the inside. Since my mom isn’t always here to do the job, I must take charge. After all I don’t want our entire plants to die because of negligence. A seminar speaker once said “If you’re planning to work in this country (_ _ _ _ _ _), you should start making friends with plants and trees.” Practicing at home is a good start, don’t you think?

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Pamela said...

that made me miss home. i used to clean our sort of a garden when i'm in the mood to do so. :p

-ellesig- said...

pinapahulaan ba yung country? anong prize? :) haha!

Rej said...

@ pamela: kaasar lang hindi ako greenthumb. kaya kahit anong dilig ko parang walang nangyayari :(

@ ellesig: pine tree u like? marami daw dun eh. :D

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