Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hey You!

It’s been almost two months since your last post. There were occasions that you wanted to rant and rave but you were unsure if your tales were worth sharing, or better yet, forget about it. Obviously, you chose the latter. But the events in the past few weeks have triggered you to reflect once again. Remember the following:

1. For the first time in your life you remember being hospitalized for two nights and two days (supposedly three but you didn’t want to aggravate your headache once the bill is handed to you).
2. You experienced severe lower back pain in three consecutive days in two weeks. When you consulted your doctor he recommended that you see an OBGYN and have an ultrasound. Aware of its value, you settled with self-medication with the aid of available ointments and you were glad that the pain naturally vanished.
3. You have a cold war with your cousins and you have not decided what to do because you are fearful of the possible consequences.

Two days ago, you wrote in your FB wall “I am about to explode. I need some air!” Stressed out, that’s the root why it all happened but for a while you didn’t want to admit it to yourself - that you are tired of understanding; of suppressing your true feelings. Until one day you found yourself burned, crying in silence while asking “what will I do now?”

In your previous post, you introduced Juan, your youngest child. He was healthy and a happy infant. But now he’s getting weaker each passing day. You got frustrated. Then family problems meddled at the wrong time. You became so sensitive that even news night programs became victims.

Perhaps out of frustration, one day you found yourself browsing your favorite local job search website. You got interested in one position and thought maybe you should review your resume. But it never happened because you got back with your old self so rapidly than you thought. Knowing your current situation, finding a job has become a better option. But you are really TANGA sorry for the word but that’s probably the most appropriate word that can describe you now.

What exactly are you thinking?

You are broke. You are sad. Common' swallow your pride! Apply for a job while your age still qualifies. But hey, your hopes are still there. Perhaps one of the silliest things you ever did was the day you made a decision that you will never again submit your resume to a local employer except a housekeeping position in a five star hotel. It’s because you want to be an entrepreneur. You want to be the employer, hire people and help improve lives. That’s your dream – a secret that has just been revealed. Congratulations!

Big things start in small seed that’s your true mantra in life. How can a small seed sprout if after a storm you will just throw the towel and say “ayoko na.” You had a good start, then you had a terrible fall but you are slowly regaining your strength. Now it’s up to you how you want to continue the story. It is no secret that if one wants to succeed in his chosen field, he must know that failures will always be part of the big picture. No one is exempted. Do not forget that. And by the way, please be patient, be very very patient just like how patient your nurses to you when you were lying in a hospital bed.

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