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This is a post from one of my blogs that has long been forgotten. Let’s take a break from my sentiments… Mainit pa rin kahit malapit na ang Christmas, Halo-halo you like?
100% Delectable Halo-Halo!

A bunch of chitchat, a pack of laughter, and a load of dynamic stares on few potential boyfriend (like Ave, Dickies, Doc-nurse, EJ, Justin, Kaka, and Roldan- mga true-blooded PAPALICIOUS) inside TUP campus, that’s what the TROPATITS are known for.

Tropatits’ cast is like chalk and cheese. There is Cheryl “The SixthBiomic Soldier;” Rona “The Undisputed Raconteur;” Beverly “The Sturdy Lass that Rarely Sleep;” Katherine “The Megaphone;” Ronalyn “The Tomboy turned Pretty Woman;” Bernadeth “The Hopeful Framework;” Raymond “The Barbeque Stick to Potential TV Host;” Rochelle “The Inventive Linguist;” Elenor “The Dimple and The Noisy;” and Michelle “The Kapuso Unregistered Lawyer.” In short, Tropatits is a mixture of gentle, jovial, naughty, stunning, and well-endowed creatures.

LET'S MEET THEM!!! (Drum roll)

Cheryl “The Sixth Biomic Soldier”
Did you know that Cheryl is the sixth powerful being completing the Bioman? In fact, she owns the title “Lavender Six.” Look at the bag; the shirt; the umbrella and so on - always in Lavender. Armed with overbearing skills, she was able to bring out the hidden riches of BAM. Oh! That is SUPERPOWER. Her secret weapon? ALAXAN FR. So guys, take Alaxan FR eveyday and discover your own special ability.

Rona “The Undisputed Raconteur ”
If Darna swallows “bato,” Rona takes "Everlasting Battery." She is a person who has not learned the gist of stillness; a person who doesn’t know how to whisper a single word; a person who usually shares her outrageous and so-so stories in “todo na ‘to!” manner. So watch out! Get ready to have your saliva dried out once you sit and have a chat with her. It seems that you are one of the listeners in a show entitled “Chikagalore with Rona.”

Beverly “The Sturdy Lass that Rarely Sleep”
Bevs is a sturdy lass when it comes to “puyatan”. If for most people “Sleeping is the best medicine (to a tired specie),” her notion is different. Well surprisingly, she is someone who has not learned how to sleep. Maybe that’s the effect of drinking too much coffee or perhaps she dreamed of becoming a call center agent. Therefore, strong immunity plus some cups of coffee is equal to high paying job.

Kathy “The Megaphone”
Kathy’s name is synonymous to the word – Megaphone. Basically, her voice is the sum of five people battling for the Final Seat to a StarStruck gig. It seems that her tone is higher than the maximum volume of a voice amplification device. When she starts talking you can instantly feel the energy flowing in her blood streams and at once you would like to be quiet and just listen. Surely, you will be entertained more than you will become deaf.

Ronalyn “The Tomboy Turned Pretty Woman”
Have you seen a boyish gal turned pretty woman? Well, the drastic changes in this girl’s poise and bearing are the living evidence to this. Before, she projects a powerful character that every guy around her would hesitate to ask her name and celfone number. Surprisingly, she has transformed from being a typical lady contented with a simple infatuation into a young woman with consistent textmates - exclusive for Smart subscribers only.

Bernadeth “The Hopeful Framework”
When the Supreme Deity had showered fats and carbohydrates in the Philippines, she caught 0.01 percent only. Her body is just three times bigger than a Coca-cola can. For this reason, she was usually having a hard time picking clothes that could fit her slender body. But hey! The story doesn’t end there. Lately, her “bilbil” is noticeably building up around her waist. At last, Welcome to the club!

Raymond “The Barbeque Stick to Potential TV Host”
Back in college days, Raymond looked like a barbeque stick wrapped in a white and black coverings. His physical appearance would remind you of Tita Swarding. But today, this unfound son of a famous showbiz radio reporter has digested more nutritious food. With chubbier cheeks, burlier body and more vibrant countenance, he is more suitable to take the place of Boy Abunda than be the next AM radio asset.

Rochelle “The Inventive Linguist”
“Expect the worst,” “You’re cha-cha fool,” “Superstisue (singular of superstitious),” “Buyuyog.” That is Rochelle – known for creating odd and mind-boggling language and lingo. Actually, she has a slight difficulty in pronouncing words. In short – “bulol." Many can dance and others can sing. Well, Chel can apparently turn simple words into everyone’s favorite expressions.

Elenor “The Dimple and The Noisy”
Elen is recognized for having cute dimples that shine when she smiles. But the bad news is, her dimples are sometimes more noticeable than her pretty face. She also owns the title “The Noisy.” A couple of times, she was caught relentlessly chatting with her seatmates. A gal known for her dimples is also one of the most loquacious species in class?! Is it something to be proud of or a regretful achievement?

Michelle “The Kapuso Unregistered Lawyer”
Mitch is a certified GMA aficionado. There is no need to have a remote control because her TV monitor is already committed to this station. If there will be a debate on which TV station is the real number one (GMA or ABS), she is absolutely a great contender. She is not afraid to argue against those nasty people telling bad things about this TV network. Indeed, an unregistered lawyer. And a certified Kapuso!

Every member of this group is absolutely different from the other. We all have totally unequal personalities; our own likes and dislikes; happy and sad moments. For this reason, a lot of trials, misunderstandings and petty quarrels have attested our friendship. But acceptance, laughter, camaraderie and sincerity are the vital ingredients to the Tropatits recipe. When we are together we can be our ugly selves without having to worry about the image we create. We can let our hair down, kick off our shoes and be our true selves without camouflage or pretense.Our bond is truly one of a kind. We are the craziest and the naughtiest. But still, we are proud to say “TROPA KO 'TO!!!”

And indeed, 100% Delectable Halo-Halo. Sarap!!!

(Note: All descriptions are created with exaggeration giving stress to hilarious features more than the positive ones. Purely for your eyes only.)

They are my college friends. They are my Tropatits. They are the people I miss. Guys, nood tayo Praybeyt Benjamin! It’s been 3 years… Can we stop and talk a while (and laugh too)… KKB tulad ng dati. Pero pwede ring may manlibre. Hindi ako tatanggi Pramis! :p

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