Friday, July 19, 2013

Travelling Like a Millionaire

Countdown to 30 - First in Series 

I love travelling. Apart from that, I love adventures too. I love pure adrenaline rush!  

God is good. He has given us a beautiful world to explore. Countless. But travelling isn't cheap. Preparation is a must do for me. It entails sacrificing some WANTS for a much anticipated vacation. I'm not getting younger. There will come a time my physical condition will be a huge hindrance. I wanna travel and experience the world while I can. This is my recent mantra. 

Today as my financial crisis starts to die down. I feel more free (from guilt) to list down the places I long to see and the adventures I would like to try.


Go Biking in Batanes
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I want to explore this awesome island using a bike (is there a better way?)!!!

I want to slide and ride in the sand and play like a kid!!!

Subic Treetop Adventure 
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I want heart pumping adventure near the metropolis!!!

Parasailing in Manila Bay
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I want to see the capital city up in the air!!!

Vertical Trek to Pagsanjan Falls
I want to sweat like a pig going to one of the most famous falls in the country!!!

Fun Run at BGC
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I want to stretch my muscles in one of my most favorite places in National Capital Region!!!

Target Shooting in Manila
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I want to know if I can hit that bull's eye!!!

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I want an ultimate ride to the perfect cone just like Zac Efron!!!

Skywalk Adventure at Crown Regency Hotel in Cebu

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I want to watch my knees tremble!!!

Dahilayan Adventure in Bukidnon
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I want to experience the Asia's longest dual zipline 
and other activities that my heart can take!!!

Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center
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I want to be amazed by the Cebu Dancing Inmates!!! Cheering is a good exercise for the heart, right? 

*** Not the end ****

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