Thursday, July 25, 2013


Countdown to 30 – Second in Series
(last edited 12/08/2013)

I want to be a successful entrepreneur. I really wish that one day I will own a business that will create jobs for many hardworking and persevering fellow Filipino. This is my ultimate dream in life. But realities are hitting me left and right giving me reasons to just forget about it. Like, I can’t be too ambitious. But in the last two days, I am seeing a slideshow in my head. I have been imagining the exterior of my own establishment where my food business/es will come to life. As I go along in this visualization, I discovered quite a lot of things about myself.

This is my model facade

or this...

I find old Filipino style house simply gorgeous and elegant. Amidst the emergence of modern exteriors, a classic facade is the true unique.  

Windows should look like this (to be transformed into food stalls)

or this...

Just few tables on the right side

Tables and chairs that can accomodate small or large group

Under a roof that looks like this...

or this...

Initially I just wanted a huge white umbrella attached on top of each table but rainy season is a major consideration. I thought a concrete roof is more convenient.

A television and a good sound system would be entertaining
I want to cater my guests with a little entertainment while savoring their sumptuous meal. Just as what I want to experience when I dine in elsewhere.

My inspiration for the grilling station
I want to serve grilled foods. And I want the grilling station to have a character away from the usual.

Drinks Station should look like this...
I'm so in love with this. It's simple yet complete. 
This concept could be a one stop shop for Hot and Cold. Don't you think?

and of course...

A festive mood is a joy to watch
It's always a delight to see group of people simply having fun over non-stop chatting and of course good food. This kind of ambiance will surely make someone's day 

Overall I want a classic Filipino architecture with a touch of modern elements that has a homy and welcoming vibes - just a simple place that will bring family and friends together in one table. I don't know exactly how am I going to put this whole thing into reality. This is beyond DIFFICULT. But thank God dreaming is free. For now, I just want to end this post with this quote I received in All Devotion from Facebook

Today, we believe that God wants you to know that...  
the surest way to become is to playact.
Whenever you wish to change yourself, but find it difficult, start as children do by pretending that you already are. As you play at being who you wish to become, the playact itself will surely transform you. 

P.S. I just read this quote yesterday morning. And I thought it was God talking to me through the social network. See, God is using even the small things to tell us his message. It really feels good to pretend like a child and see my dreams come to life. This is a great thing that I'd like to turn into a habit. :)

2 Speak:

Giselle said...

this looks good rej! ako rin,pag nag negosyo mainly because i want to give people jobs. what's holding you back? start small. :)

Rej said...

kc yung luto ko is only best to my taste buds. that's the painful truth. hehe! I know somebody na magaling sa cooking pero medyo duwag sa food business. Unfortunately that's my mom. :( Though Business has become my passion I admit my dreams will take a while before sya magtakeoff. Ipon ipon muna ko pagmay time. :D

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