Friday, December 12, 2008

Swak na Swak

I love my slippers!

I consider it as one of my most treasured assets. Why? Because it seems to me that it was deliberately molded for my small feet. Hehe!

It was daytime. I was about to go home when I happened to pass by a store of flip-flops in a market near the jeepney terminal A young lady vendor immediately approached me and told me “Ate ano po gusto nyo? Sige po pili lang.” To my surprise, an estimated 21 cm long brown-colored rubber made slippers with golden brown strap showed up. But the good news doesn’t end there - it was sold to me at fifty pesos. That made my day!

I have been using my slippers for several months now and it has become my frequent travel companion – inside the house, in the mall, in church etc. It recently brought me to one of the most memorable places that I’ve been through – Anawim, a home for abandoned elderly plus a few orphans and physically and mentally handicapped persons. I also wore it when I attended the second Kerygma Conference held at the Philsports Arena last November 29.

My slippers have definitely carried me to a lot of places and have witnessed several events in my life. Tangible and lifeless as it seems, its worth is invaluable.

Worn out? Of course not.
P.S. I only have one pair of slippers so I hope it won't.

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