Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ako si Pare. Ikaw, sino ka?

“Pare.” That’s how most people call me for the past 13 months.

Most people who do not know me personally would probably perceive me as a serious and mischievous creature since my face is mostly identical to a fuming tiger and my body movement is like always geared up for a boxing match. There maybe some truth about this but definitely I don’t have any plans of following Manny Pacquiao’s career path.

The Brief History

Sir Nonoy started it. Then, sir Freddie followed. Sir RCG imitated the two. And eventually everyone did. From Joan to Pare of RG Meditron.

Am I offended about being called “Pare?” Maybe I should. But, honestly, I loved it. For me that was my officemates’ way of showing their love for me - in a nasty manner. Hehe!

To all my kumpares, Merry Christmas sa inyong lahat! Tagay tayo mamaya!!!

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