Friday, December 5, 2008

The Grandma Beside Me

Her body is quite hefty.

Her skin is fair and wrinkled.

Her hair is short and grey.

Her smile is sparkling.

That’s grandma - the old woman that I see almost every morning. Without noticing it, she has become my instant companion before I reach the office. It’s either I would seat beside her in the bus or vice versa.

One morning, there was a twist in the usual scenario (just a bit). She came first inside the bus. I saw her but decided not to sit beside her because she was with her husband. That was the first time I saw them together inside a bus. After few minutes, she asked me to transfer and so I followed. I was happy to see them together because I noticed how much love they have for each other. At their age, they still hold hands. Isn’t that sweet?: )

After a week I heard from my mother that her husband died of heart attack. I didn’t saw her for a couple of weeks. I thought I was not going to see her again. Until one day, I bumped with her still with the same radiance in her face.

After that we rarely see each other. I miss her. I hope she is ok until we meet again.

P.S. During those times that we were seated together, we never had a conversation.

And so, her name is Anonymous.

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