Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Walk To Remember in Ciudad Quezon

The problem isn’t finding out where you are gonna go-its figuring out what you are gonna do once you get there that is! - Jamie (Mandy Moore)

This post has nothing to do with the movie “A Walk to Remember.” It’s actually about my itinerary yesterday. It's non-sense. But just in case you're wondering what I have been doing lately, this post is for you...

First Stop – Axis Global Technologies

I knew it. It’s not located at No. 20 North Road cor. 3rd Ave. Cubao, Quezon City. No. I mean I headed to the right direction as far as the address of Axis Global Technologies is concerned but going there was all wrong. The service center for Olympus camera is not Axis Global Technologies. Its Servimax Technologies Inc. situated at 2/F of Glimore Commercial Plaza Gilmore Avenue New Manila, Quezon City. I followed the internet not my intuition, that is. But it was ok. I walked towards Cubao proper and rode a jeepney. When I got there, the service lady assisted me for less than a minute I think. With just a few adjustments in the setting, my digital camera was completely healed. Ok, that’ the problem when the owner does not read the user manual. Huh!
Second Stop - Mt. Carmel Church

I’ve been in this church once but I forgot its name. I just know it can accommodate thousands or millions of Catholics. Since this church is just few steps away from Gilmore Commercial Plaza I decided to pay a visit and prayed. There was a wedding ceremony nevertheless the entire place was full of serenity..
Third Stop - Broadway Centrum

Eat Bulaga was over then. There was no trace of Vic Sotto or Joey de Leon or even the new host-comedian named Kim. In my desire to see Francis Magalona’s Clothing Company, I patiently strolled around. But I didn’t see it. I hesitated to ask so I left quite miserably. Joke?!. Fourth Stop – Gateway Mall

The security guard of Gateway Mall was getting ready to scrutinize what’s inside my checkered bag when I saw a big yellow letter M inside LRT 2 Station. It’s McDonald’s. I remembered Coke Float. Oh, I missed it! I bought the regular size and gulped it at the corner table of the food chain. McDonald’s neighbor is Netopia, an internet café. I was asked to sit in station no. 7.My first target: YM. I was expecting an offline message from a friend based in L.A. She answered my offline message. I was also lucky I caught her online. Then, I opened my Friendster account. I was surprised with what I saw - two new testimonials from two treasured friends. Their comments were quite identical. It was funny and … never mind. I responded. After that, I left.

Fifth Stop – Trinoma Mall
I just wanted to go to Watson’s Store to buy a lipgloss but I couldn’t find it. Actually, I wasn’t so sure if there’s Watson’s Store inside. So, I wandered for a while. I went to fourth floor and visited my favorite place in Trinoma – the huge CR beside movie theaters. When I had nowhere to go, I decided to relocate to SM Mall.

Sixth Stop – SM North EDSA

It recently underwent major facelift and now the public can enjoy its new relaxing facilities. Although the mini-park outside the shopping boutiques is like a mimic of Trinoma’s gimmick spot, generally speaking I think the whole place was cool. I didn’t follow my initial plan. I went to arcade, instead. I bought five tokens and played the bingo-like machine. I won three extra tokens. It was frustrating because the woman next to me was winning tons. I was obviously a beginner and she was like a professional. After eight games I left with nothing. Then, I went to my favorite ice cream stand, Fruits in Ice Cream or FIC. I gambled on their new flavor - queso. The taste was ok but I would still go back to my first love, vanilla ice cream. While strolling, I saw Chef Tristan from the morning show Unang Hirit. He was alone eating the Wham! burger. Next, I entered Toy Kingdom. I was confused whether to buy or not to buy a Barbie doll for my cousin. In the end, I went out empty-handed because I wasn’t so attracted with the Barbie’s outfits. I transferred to PowerBooks. I searched for Kokology book. I was saddened because there was none. I moved to Filipino book section and hunted the book entitled “12 Little Thing Every Filipino Can Do to Help Our Country” by Atty. Alex Lacson. My eyes went up and down, left and right but again there was none. Then I saw a girl seriously holding a book with Tagalaog book title. I caught her beaming a number of times while reading it. I wanted to imitate her but that’s the only book in the book shelf without a plastic cover. Sigh! In another book stand, I saw that book again. There was one without a plastic. I read some short commentaries. One said “Humanda ka Bob Ong” – Vim Nadera (Director, UP Institute of Creative Writing). I was intrigued so I bought the book PEKSMAN (mamatay ka man) NAGIINUNGALING AKO (at iba pang kwentong kasinungalingan na di dapat paniwalaan)” by Eros Atalia. Finally, I landed to Watson’s Store and bought three items – a lipgloss, an eyelash curler rubber pads and a mineral water. OMG! I’m tired.

Last Stop – Trinoma Bus Station

It’s rush hour. The number of passengers was increasing. It was expected anyway so I patiently waited for the bus. Sampaguita Bus arrived. I was thankful for that one vacant seat. My worn out legs were able to rest. The long walk was over.

I wonder why my mind still kept wandering? Should I start listing down my next destinations? “A Walk to Remember in the Historical Streets of Manila” or "A Walk to Remember in The Lion City?" Watch out! I'm coming!!! Huh! :p

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foongpc said...

That's a lot of walking!!! But an interesting walk indeed. So you are going to have 'A Walk To Remember' series? : )

Rej said...

I wish I could. I'm temporarily broke. Err

Sidney said...

That is quite a journey... hmmmm... you could become a tourist guide...

The Pope said...

Sounds an interesting trek, but with all the bustle and hustle I'll be dead sleep as soon as I reached home hehehehe.

I was surprised with all your energies, and you were able to maintain 3 blog sites, fantastic, but I prefer this one, its a personal choice hahaha.

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Thank you so much and a blessed weekend to you.

Life is Beautiful. keep on blogging.

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