Saturday, May 23, 2009

Aspiring Entrepreneur/s, Let's Vault In

What dessert have you been eating lately?

It’s merienda time. What’s on the menu?


Mais con Yelo?

Saba con Yelo?

Selecta/Magnolia Ice Cream?






Cheez Curls?

Plain Pancit Canton?

Pancit Canton Calamansi Flavor?

Hot and Spicy Pancity Canton?






Or anything with –que and - ball?

Haven’t you heard your digestive system complaining?

Those are all yummy but aren’t you craving for something unusual – still bursting with satisfying taste and excellent for your diet nevertheless the price is affordable?

My friend and I want to venture into food business. We’re neither a graduate of culinary course or Hotel and Restaurant Management nor a pastry chef or a dessert expert. We just have the passion in business (I think. I really do think. Hehe!). Seriously, we’re hoping to meet someone who would be willing to help us reach this seemingly unreachable endeavor. And I hope it’s you or you or you or your friendly neighborhood? :p

P.S. This is definitely not too soon because honestly we don’t have the resources yet. But we’re planning. In business, that’s the first step in putting up a business. Right?
Just maybe…

4 Speak:

Sidney said...

And I am sure that in a few years you will have build a new food chain !

Rej said...

Thanks. Magdilang anghel ka sana... Naku! pagnagkakatoo yan libre ka na dun parati. Hehe!:p

foongpc said...

Going into the food business? Don't know about you but here in Malaysia, lots of eateries are doing good business! If you go into a shopping mall, the shops that normally get good business are the restaurants! I guess maybe Malaysians love to eat, eat and eat!

Anyway, I think it's important to know how to cook yourself, otherwise you'll always be at the mercy of the cook/chefs. Just my thoughts : )

Rej said...

We Filipinos love to eat too.

About learning how to cook? That's a good idea. It's just that it's not really my thing... Eating is my forte, though... Hehe! I think I have to leave the cooking part to my friend or to whoever we're going to work with. I'll do the tasting part... Lol!Just kidding!

Seriously, maybe soon I will... (Convince me more) :p

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