Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's So Good to be Back!!!

Today is Sunday. My celfone’s alarm clock agitated me before dawn. I remained stubborn until my mom knocked the door.

The Kerygma Feast

It’s Kerygma Feast. Yey! I wasn’t able to attend the Feast for two consecutive Sundays. It’s really good to be back! The opening song has always been my favorite. So, for those who haven’t attended the Feast, here it is.

The Feast is Ready by Graham Kendrick

The Mass. The Eucharist Celebration was presided by Rev. Fr. Quinto. Some of the important reminders I heard from him were the following:

“Don’t be troubled because God is with you.”

“It is only through prayer that we will be equipped.”


Fr. Quinto is an incredible priest. He’ll be serious for a moment then he would deliver his joke with good timing. He ended his sermon by singing Renz Verano’s hitsong “Remember Me.” He wasn’t so good in “belting out” but his own rendition of the song was better than the original, I must say. Hehe!

Worship Time. In the absence of Bro. Adrian Panganiban, the Sunday worship was led by Bro. Carl Fontanilla. Some of the songs were Breakthrough, There is a Rock, Love You So Much and Sing. The last song hit me. I got LSS.

Just in case you wanna hear it. Here's a video I got from youtube.

The Talk. “The Universe is a Giant Echo Valley,” Bro Bo said. Example, when you’re in a valley and shouts “I love you”, what do you expect to hear? Sarah Geronimo’s version of the song “To Love You More?” Or your boss applauding because he likes his coffee? Or your girlfriend saying "Yes, I will marry you?"

None of the above, right?

It’s echo. Echo is the repetition of a sound resulting from reflection of the sound waves. Meaning, you’re going to hear what has just been said. Therefore, if you shout "I love you" you would hear "I love you,""I love you," "I love you"… Otherwise if you say “I hate you” you’re going to hear "I hate you," "I hate you,” “I hate you”…

Which sounds better: “I love you” or “I hate you?”
The New Hairstyle

I got a haircut this afternoon. Check out my new look.

Did you see my bangs? It’s there. Ok, I'll turn around...should I (or better not)?

P.S. Special thanks to Glen, my haircutter
---THE END ---

3 Speak:

-ellesig- said...

very nice new layout! and so is ur haircut!

nag tip ka ba kay glen!? :D

Sidney said...

Yes...please turn around! ;-)

Rej said...

Sige apg may nakasmile na kong picture. Hindi pa kc ako natututong magsmile sa pic :p

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