Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Death (Edited)

Death is the word that I dreaded the most. Actually I'm not really afraid of dying (Because there is such a thing as heaven and hell) but on the manner of dying. One of the foremost reasons why I sometimes avoid watching news programs is the fact that reports about murder, salvage, massacre, fatal accidents etc. are all synonymous to killing.

I keep on asking myself “Why do some people have to die in a brutal manner?” Worst, some people leave the world because of the evil thoughts of men.

When I was in grade school, I dreamt of becoming a doctor. But as I grew up I am convinced that a medical profession is not my calling. Just a thought of dealing with a dying patient who has been stab with a knife frightens me. In addition to that, I am also a minor hematophobic.

Ok, let’s have some U-turn from human being to natural environment.

Death isn’t just applicable to people. Plants, trees, animals, insects and their natural habitat also experience death.

In Jose Rizal's novel Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not), our national hero described Ilog Pasig (Pasig River) as a river that serves many purposes - from transportation to bathing to laundry washing. It is so sad that the clean water of Ilog Pasig can only be seen in old photographs and stories of historians and first generation ancestors.

If we go to high-land places in some Northern and Southern part of Luzon, the ground which tall trees and shrubs used to stand are now occupied by private subdivisions and resorts. The residents in those mountains or the bakasyonistas are very lucky to have nice over-looking sceneries with cooler breeze. But hey, the fate of the old trees is not so lucky.

We have probably heard news about Global Warming a hundred times already. Global warming is an increase in the average temperature of the earth's atmosphere, especially a sustained increase sufficient to cause climatic change. The main cause of global warming is the attitude of mankind to nature. (source: and

Have we realized the message of every story related to global warming?

For me the message is clear “There is something wrong with our natural environment.” Or should I say ‘There is something wrong with human nature?” And if we keep on ignoring the point of every story, global warming might also stand for DEATH (death of our mother earth and men) – a death all rooted to human negligence.

At once, let’s think about the welfare of our neighbors and the planet that we live in before it’s too late.

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Chyng said...

Karumaldumal na pagpatay + river.. sorry but it reminds me of Ruby Rose Jimenez. The extreme-est murder to a girl.. grabe!

(malapit ka lang pala sa vivereT) haha

Rej said...

hindi malayo ako dun sa vivereT. I lived in Caloccan tapos I used to work in San Pedro Laguna kaya nadadaanan ko ung Alabang. Balikan ako araw-araw. Hehe!

Rej said...

And yes, grabe yang ung kay Ruby Rose. Di mo matake.

Matt said...

This is a fascinating blog!

Louis said...

Sis Sino si Ruby Rose?sorry ha di na ko updated sa mag bali-balita dyan...anyways on death....yup masaklap ung mga karumaldumal na kinahantungan ng buhay but to tell you the truth here is part of my belief. Death is part of life. Not only biological death(e.i. natural death and plan death like murder or destruction of nature) but also constructive death(sis term ko lang yan ha...wala ako ma-isip na right term) Sometimes we have to die in order to live(rhetorically speaking) in Australia(not quite nsure kung san ba un) they burn part of their forrest on a certain part of the year so that on the coming season the harvest will be plentiful. ha haba na...tsuri tsuri...

Rej said...

@ Loui: bro si Ruby Rose po ay sis ni Rochel Barrameda. She was killed 2 years ago. sinilid sa drum at sinimento... that's what I call evil.

sa tingin ko ung pagsusunog ng forest nakaugat na un sa culture nila. pasapasa ba. bro, email mo ko about sa seminar ha. seque? hehe!

@ At People' Photographer: Thanks :)

jei said...

Know what? Until now, nakakatakot pa rin isipin ang nangyari dun sa Vizconde massacre. Of all the massacres siguro, iyon ang kinakatakutan ko. I don't hate death per se but I'm not so keen to know how the person died, lalo na pag massacre.

We really can't stop Global Warming but we can just mitigate its effects. That's just my opinion though.

jei said...

Teka nga...balik tayo kang Ruby Rose. Bago ba siya sinemento sa drum, patay na siya? O buhay pa siya nung sinesemento siya? Iyon ang di ko ma-take!

Rej said...

ang alam ko patay na ata sya nun eh. parang sinakal muna sya.

oo nga ako grabe talaga ung vizconde massacre. ndi ko talaga lubos maisip bakit may mga taong nakakagawa ng ganun. dats also the reason why i don't watch tragic and horror movies. sobrang active ng imagination ko pag nakakapanood ako ng ganun. :D

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