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Top 10 Most Wanted for 2008

It’s February 2009. Yet, the good memories of 2008 are still very vivid and significant. Good memories, of course, are formed with people whom we have close encounter or someone who have influenced us through the role they played in our lives or in our society.

In Bianca Gonzalez's blog, she made a list of persons who made a big impact in her life for 2008. Evidently, these are the people that were part of the good memories. I thought it’s brilliant. And so I decided to have my own list too.

Ladies and Gentlemen, My Top 10 Most Wanted for 2008 (Drum Roll....)

Baltazar Jr. and Evangeline
Dad and Mom - are epitome of a great tandem. Just like any other married couple, they argue, they emotionally hurt each other, and they debate over small things. Yet, they still love each other. It was 4th quarter of 2008 when my father went back together with his entire luggage. Mixed emotions were felt when he came back from his fleet as a professional seafarer. We were so happy to be with him. However, we knew big adjustments should be imposed. My mother works at home – always busy taking care of our needs. My father is 58 years old and is starting to experience a lot of rejections from different shipping companies. It’s been quite tough since he is earning the highest. But they stay together. Work hand and hand. Still attach to their values and faith. In fact, every morning you can see an array of water containers outside our gate, then a child from the neighborhood would shout “ate Eva…” To me, they are perfect examples of good Samaritans, the modern edition.

Romela Rubio
She is an ex-psychologist. An ex-psychologist by profession but in my heart she will always be a doctor, a mentor, a teacher, a friend and a second mother. In our last conversation, she taught me something about patience. Her notion really struck me and could not forget. She said: When you ask God to increase your patience, He doesn’t answer your prayer your way. Instead, God gives you more complex situation or more unbearable people where you can put into practice the so called “patience.” It may sound a bit rude and unacceptable but the message is worth pondering.

Bo Sanchez
May your dreams come true- Bo Sanchez. This is the complimentary closing he uses in all Kerygma Feast handouts given every Sunday. In hard times like this where the whole world is affected, isn’t it amazing to hear someone pray for your dreams when he can just focus on his own and the dreams of the persons close to him? We don’t know each other. Ok, I see him every Sunday as he stands in front of hundreds or thousands of people who want to hear God’s word and be very blessed. But that’s it. Nothing personal. Nothing more intimate than that. But I am glad that through his talk, I would like to believe that there is still hope for humanity.

Reynaldo C. Garcia
He is more popularly known as RCG. Being the President/CEO of a successful medical distributor company, he is considered as the most influential leader of the organization. I am very grateful for having the opportunity to know him personally as I was assigned to report in his office. He is a retired member of the Philippine Airforce. He is highly-spirited, intelligent and disciplined. He could be very brutally frank but it’s because he wants you to learn how to become tough and to be confident of your abilities. And of course, I love him because he calls me “Pare.” My boss is my kumpare. Whowww!

aka PVL
Jun, that’s how most people call him. He was my immediate superior when I left the office December 2008. In my older post, I actually described him as the most inconsiderate leader I’ve known. Now, you might be wondering why he is included in my list. Hey, in the last paragraph I also wrote “He is generous, courageous, witty and sincere. I just want to add one more, he is also aggressive. Aggressiveness could be defined in a negative and positive way. His, is positive. Aggressiveness is synonymous to being passionate in what you do. His aggressiveness towards his job is something I would want to inherit. His aggressiveness is truly unbeatable.

Ma. Cherry Aguinaldo
She was my classmate from 2nd year high school until we graduated in year 2000. But we only became close during our junior year. I was able to witness some of her ups and downs way back teenage days. But from what I’ve heard, 2008 was no different. Life for her and her family was a huge challenge still. Among my friends, I’ve seen in her the most extreme desire to be a big help in the family. She considers them as her biggest treasure. Indeed, she is a tough girl, always there to protect her family. Isn’t she very admirable and deserving of utmost respect?

Francis Magalona
He is a genius. No doubt about it. The entire nation knows he’s sick. But his contribution to the music and entertainment industry is very much alive and kickin’. I’ve seen some of his interviews on tv, sitting in a hospital bed. Although infected with a fatal disease, his voice and aura don’t seem so as he continues to demonstrate big faith and love for his craft. I pray for his immediate complete healing. Yes, I’m a fan. I can’t wait to see again the master rapper scream “Seamless Na!!!”

Ely Buendia
The lead vocalist of the defunct Pinoy band Eraserheads now Pupil frontman. Another big wonder in the OPM world. Another reportedly sick. We saw him rushed in the hospital and underwent major heart operation in several occasions last year. But he is a man with a big heart for his talent. Last year, he had a reunion concert with the Eraserheads and has started working for a collaborated album with Francis M. This year he and other former bandmates are having another concert entitled "The Final Set.” I’m glad his back. I miss his music!

Santos Family
The biggest trial any family wouldn’t want to face is perhaps losing a family member. Maia, the youngest in the Santos family died at a very young age. When the bad news spread, I wanted to console the family right away but I really didn’t know how. When her corpse/ashes was brought in the Philippines, I together with some common friends just went to Bulacan to pay our last respect. Sure it wasn’t a fun reunion for all of us but love and sympathy were overflowing. I was moved and was inspired by the huge affection and respect the members of the Santos family have for each other.

Anawim Volunteers
Anawim is a Hebrew word which means “The poor of the Lord.” It is the home of more than 50 abandoned elderly plus a few orphans and physically and mentally handicapped persons. I joined a pilgrimage in Anawim last December. Aside from the elderly and physically impaired people, I’ve seen volunteers who live or regularly visit and attend for the needs of the less fortunate. You don’t even have to talk to these volunteers to know what kind of person they are. Their actions speak for it. For me, they are richer than those living in Forbes Park or those sitting in Malacañang.
I'm done with my top ten list. Why don't you try having your own too! Like what Bianca said in her blog "I think its a simple but meaningful tribute for them, for all they've done for us, whether they know it or not. :p"

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RIA RITA said...

Hi, I came across your blog when I was trying to find a way to re-connect with the clinical psychologist who helped me out when I was still in the P.I. Mela you have her contact details? Thanks very much!

Ria Inducil
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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