Saturday, May 1, 2010

Is This Love? - His Version (Part III)


Although he just ate a fiesta meal
His stomach still seemed so empty
In his mind he kept on asking
“Why is this happening?”

A young woman he dumped once
Is under the girl’s siblings
An inescapable fate
Or a terrifying Karma?

After a momentary paralysis
He put on his thinking cap
Clicked his profile button
Changed his photo and info.

The seemingly invisible “Add as friend”
Finally appeared as crystal clear
Despite having a coward heart
His only hope was more important.

As he turned off the lights
He prayed really really hard
“Bro, just one more chance please
I swear no more infidelities.”

To be continued...

2 Speak:

YULI said...

ouch! patay tayo jan! pano yan? hanggang paview2 nalang ng FB? :)

Ruby said...

nakz! parang lahat ng ending bitin...hehe...

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