Monday, May 24, 2010


Yesterday, I saw an old friend. She was a former officemate. In a very short span of time that we worked together (one week), we became very very close. I think our numerous similarities and some quite challenging circumstances paved the way to a beautiful friendship. She’s my one of my soulmates, a very dear friend. But after a year the feeling is different. Well, I was happy to see her but when I got home I couldn’t avoid myself from asking “Where did our friendship go?”

I believe this scenario also happens to all of us. When we were kids, most of us have so called “Best friend.” When we were in school, we have lots of acquaintances, barkada and close friends. And you thought it was a kind of connection anchored in a strong foundation. But as time goes by, the friendship drifts apart. Unexpected. Unplanned.

Decades ago, when a relationship collapses we can blame it on distance, hectic schedule and poor communication line. But today, with the presence of advanced technology, any type of relationship that falls apart is more likely rooted to our own choice. And that explains the rationale of our story. It’s really a sad thing. Nevertheless, I know we both still value the moments that we were trying to appease each other in the midst of great difficulty; the times that we were both financially broke and the only lunch meal we can afford in Chowking is Chao Fan.

Actually I don’t believe our friendship is over. Although a lot of things have changed, the world is still small. We are still connected in two giant social networks. All things are possible, right?

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YULI said...

may 2 "bestfriends" ako way bay grade school, one's in other country the other one is a busy call center agent. thanks to facebook, may communication parin :)

Rej said...

mabuti na lang may FB. :D

Ruby said...

can definitely relate to this...despite technology paving the way for communication, it still isn't the same as to what it was before but then..even with weak communication...i can still sense that the friendship is still alive and if we were to meet personally...memories would definitely come back... :)

Rej said...

korek. lalo na pag tumatanda na. pag kaibigan mo talaga good memories na lang ang naiiwan. tapos ung mga di kagandahan pagtatawanan nyo na lang...

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