Tuesday, May 18, 2010

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Last Sunday, I was very emotional. Bro. Bo Sanchez, is not just a Catholic preacher and bestselling author, he also has a knack for making people cry.

Last week my patience reached 37 degrees Celsius, comparable to the scorching weather condition we are currently experiencing. It was due to my mom’s pesky question. Ok, here’s a fragment of what happened: She asked me a question, I answered her at once. After few minutes, she asked me the same question and I replied with the similar answer. The scenario happened five times in less than five minutes I think. But on the fifth time, in a loud voice I told her “Mommy sinabi ko na eh, paulit ulit!. 414 nga!” And my mom answered “Nagiging makakalimutin na kasi ako…” Then, there was silence.

Last Sunday, Bro Bo ended his talk with a short video of an old man and his son sitting in a bench. The younger man was reading a newspaper when a sparrow landed on the ground not too far from where they are. The father noticed it and asked his son “What is that?” In a calm voice, the son responded “It’s a sparrow.” After few minutes, the old man asked again “What is that?” The son answered “Sparrow.” For the third time, the old man repeated ‘What is that?” Annoyed, the son shouted at his father “It’s a SPARROW! How many times are you going to ask me that question?” The old man suddenly stood up and told his son “Just few minutes.” He walked away but came back immediately as he promised. He gave a small notebook to his son and asked him to read it.

When you were young, you saw something on the ground and asked me “What is that?” At once,  I answered your question. You asked it 21 times but I answered you 21 times with fascination because I want to show you my affection. It’s a sparrow.”

Teary eyed, the young man embraced his father.

At that moment, guilt filled my whole being. Being a woman, I'm also quite emotional. However, I  think I have mastered the art of hiding strong emotions. But I failed last Sunday. My tears were uncontrollable. And my heart was  also shouting “Mommy, I’m sorry.” Unfortunately, it was only I who could hear my scream. My mom was not even beside me.:(

The morale of the story: Wag nyo ko gagayahin ha!

P.S. The script was not exactly like that but very close to the original version.

Photo grabbed @ farm1.static.com

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Ruby said...

nakita ko din yang video na yan...hmm..parang hindi un english..ewan ko kung same vid bah..pero ganun din ung theme...nakakaiyak nga...okie lang yan magiging emotional..hehe..mas mabuti nga ung ineexpress un kesa tinatago lang..hehe...ngaun lang ako ulit nakapagdalaw!..tsk2x... =3

Rej said...

hindi nga sya english may translation lang. sa tingin ko iisa lang yung video na tinutukoy natin. salamat sa muling pagdalaw :D

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