Thursday, January 26, 2012

Meet Jen - The Ultimate Survivor

Yellow is her favorite color
It denotes joy and delight
Yellow is Jen
Cheerful and full of life.

Chocolate is her weakness
A certified sweet tooth
Sugar is Jen
Her existence is a saccharine.

She adores Mickey Mouse
Colorful and comical
Jen is the most famous mouse
Always with a big smile.

Accounting is her forte
Simple arithmetic is basic
Jen is debit credit
A balanced life is imperative.

Suddenly the sunny color
Has turned dark blue
When her sugar intake went up
Chocos and cake became a no no.

Her mouse-like character
Has dwindled a bit
Adventures has turned limited
Somehow unbalanced.

In one conversation
I turned so frantic
When I heard her say
I want to die.
Kudos to her faith
Larger than life
And a braveheart 
That defeated it all.

Jen is everything I said
Simple and Imperfect
Indeed a child of God
And my one true friend.

Photo grabbed @ Facebook without her permission (haha)

Peace Jen J

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