Monday, January 23, 2012

Looking Ahead with Thirst for Change (Part II)

Without further ado, here is a list of my ultimate dreams in life:

1.    Businesses that can generate jobs with decent income.
2.  Help spread awareness about the benefits of investing in the stock market or any other forms of investment.
3.   A modern look for our 16-year-old house would absolutely delight my family specially my parents.
4. Two private vehicles, an exclusive car for the whole family and a 16-seater vehicle that will bring more people to the Kerygma Feast every Sunday.
5.   Travel the Philippines and some part of the world.
True. All of my dreams are not possible at the moment. Good thing, the pillars are already standing. However it has to be strengthened so it won’t fall when challenged by catastrophe. That’s why I have another list to back it up - simple but essential short-term goals.
1.    Be physically fit. I was hospitalized last year. For the first time in my life, I have a vivid memory of lying in a hospital bed with long plastic tube attached in one hand and the other end was connected to a bag of liquid hanging in a metal stand. I was both saddened and worried when the doctor said I have asthma. It is no secret that I have pending application overseas. Suddenly my dream to work abroad became even hazier. During this time, I realize how important it is to be healthy. I have to be in good physical shape because a medical examination is a critical requirement. Secondly, some old clothes have been hanging in the closet for quite a long time because they have gotten small. Alright, I have gained extra fat that makes my fitted shirts out in my fashion option. I’m healthier now but I want my old shape back.

To-do List                                                                                                                                                  
1.    Stretching, sit-ups and jump rope at 5:30 in the morning.
2.    Clean the floor with coconut husk as if there’s a visitor coming.
3.    Limit drinking coffee to two cups a day.
4.    Take Montelukast before going to bed.  
2.    Nourish spiritual relationship. Every now and then I would experience spiritual dryness. I have the desire to pray but I am such a stubborn child. This year, I want to develop the habit of praying every single day, take time to read the Bible regularly and hear mass every Sunday. Two weeks ago I was able to attend the Kerygma Feast after a year of absence. I wish to attend again or maybe once a month is feasible.

3.     Have stronger focus. I am a person who is fond of ditching in several things at the same time. I just find it difficult to settle in one area. When I’m starting a project specially those I like I’m invincible. But along the way, the vigor tends to drop drastically specially when allured by a new thing. For instance, last year we started two micro businesses. I was deeply madly in love at first, with lots of great plans in mind, seeing all possibilities. Suddenly, I became mediocre. Thank God it’s not too late. I can still change the course of this bad habit. I’d like to cultivate my ability sufficiently to earn a living and be a successful entrepreneur. Such things must take a back seat though. Facebook and Twitter are taking too much of my time due to abysmal addiction. A few minute glimpse once a week, is already reasonable. Instead, I pledge to use most of my time and energy monitoring the daily income versus the operating expenses, inventory and maintenance.

4.    Study the stock market and be patient. Last year due to global economic problem, the market prices went bearish and all numbers turned bloody red. But at the start of the new year, most stocks have gone up significantly. To my excitement I sold some of my stocks without considering the momentum and wait until the target price is reached. To my dismay, some stocks skyrocketed after few days. I just realize that for a stockbroker to win in the stock market it pays to look at the technical analysis and consider the expert’s recommendations. Research is the key. That makes social media networks Facebook and Twitter even more trivial.
5. Give gifts on Christmas Day. I want to do it again!  And hopefully, I can reach out to more people.   Tomorrow, I will get my mom’s ang paos and start filling it (parang sandwich  lang di ba?). At kahit hindi Pasko ay magbigayan.Period.

The bottomline: I have to be financially abundant to be able to see all my dreams come true. Yebah!!! Let the new challenge begin.
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Lyn Lyn said...

wOw...sis Rej! :) Congratulations for making these plans for 2012. As they say, planning is more important than the 'plan'. I wish you the best for your goals and may you be guided always. God bless. \(",)/

Rej said...

thanks sis.God bless you too :)

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