Sunday, January 15, 2012

Not Really Made Different

“Kakaiba ka talaga” was a common comment by my college friends. I wasn't so sure if it was meant as a compliment or whatever. All I know is that I have always been the type of person who acts accordingly. I am who I am. I do what I want to do. I say what is running in my head. But admittedly, there are things that I enjoy doing that they are not fond of. Perhaps, I also have traits that they don’t normally encounter. Kaya siguro I was the most “kakaiba” among the group. I love blogging and they don't. Many times I tried to convince some of them but  failed. But it doesn't matter to me now. Because there are a lot of bloggers out there who understand the feeling when one is able to weave emotions into words, who share the same passion as I do. May kakosa ako dito invisible nga lang. :)

I’m not really unique (in a special way). We’re not just the same at all times despite being part of one group.

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