Thursday, August 20, 2009

True Love

The church was so full and the nearby streets were also crowded.

The people were either wearing black, white or yellow top.

Tears were outpouring in all places.

Even the erratic weather was not a barrier for the masa to pay their last respect.

These were the general scenes during President Cory Aquino’s funeral.It was full of emotion.

While watching the tv coverage of the final mass for Pres. Cory, there was one episode that I really find so touching. Many times the camera would focus Kris Aquino, Cory Aquino’s youngest daughter. In a very short scene, Kris was sighted carrying his youngest son Baby James. The sadness and sorrow was all over her face. Baby James stared at her then kissed her.

What is so special about Kris-Baby James scene?

Baby James is 2 years old. He knows nothing about what’s happening. But his innocence gave comfort (no matter how simple the gesture is) at the exact moment that her mom needed to be comforted. Perhaps that was Baby James way of saying “Mommy, I love you! Don't cry na..."

5 Speak:

jarvik said...

aaaw. cute, true! i remember that scene ;)

PeterPan said...

Really there's nothing can compare what a child can do to make you comforted, by their just simple way it already ease the pain and sorrows..

Garando said...

Hi Rej! Thanks for visiting my site! Hopefully Kris' youngest will still appreciate how much of an icon his lola was when he grows up. :)

Anonymous said...

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jei said...

Hey Rej! What's up na?

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