Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Must Do This Week

1. Continue my SSS contribution.
2. Continue my Philhealth contribution.
3. Avoid Twitter and PEP.
4. Pay my credit card debts in full.
5. Read the Bible.
6. Make a list of Expenses.
7. Meet with my friends.
8. Get Ride-All-You-Can Pass at Star City through Metrodeal.
9. Make a deposit in BPI.
10.Avoid online games. 


2 Speak:

Giselle Topacio said...

haha! avoid twitter. don't! meron na rin akong twitter. mejo tao na ako. :)

good luck, rej! stay positive.

Rej said...

Giselle I failed BIG TIME! haha!
pero nagawa ko na ung una. :D

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