Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Do you want to be a champion?

What is Coach?

Coach as defined in google dictionary is
· someone in charge of training an athlete or a team (sports)
· a person who gives private instruction (as in singing, acting, etc.)
The Coaches I Know and Met (as defined in the dictionary)
I used to follow PBA when I was in elementary and high school. Robert Jaworski or more popularly known as “The Big J” was the coach of the team for a very long time. Ginebra was “The Big J” and “The Big J” was Ginebra. They seldom won championships during his time but everyone in the league treated him with high respect and admiration. In my opinion, Robert Jaworski may not be considered the best coach in PBA but his never-say-die spirit and his exceptional coaching style are definitely the most exciting making Ginebra team as one of the most if not the most loved teams in Philippine Basketball history.

In 2004, I worked for Ms. Ana Valdes Lim as production assistant. She’s a famous theater director and an acting coach rolled into one. It is through her where I first learned the importance of having a coach. In theater, it is not enough that actors and actresses have the ability to project a fearful expression during a horror scene, their acting should also incorporate to their body movements and direction. As an acting coach, Ma'am Ana's duty is to teach the actors how to internalize and think while they are on stage.

For two months I was surrounded with voice coaches. No, I didn’t take voice training. Let’s just say, I don’t have plans to disgrace myself in public. Hehe! Seriously, they were part of my professional life which is not too long ago. When you’re a voice coach it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re also a good singer and vice versa. That’s their mantra. At first, I couldn’t understand the rationale behind it. Eventually, I’ve realized there is some truth about it. Voice coaches may not have a voice of a diva but they have the expertise to identify which sounds good and which tone is shattered. And of course, they have the ability to train. Not all good singers have that.
What are the roles of a coach?
Coaches are educators. They are like our teachers in the regular school. But unlike in regular class, coaches don’t normally bring an attendance sheet and then later on will make a roll call, attendance is normally not a must but being absent is absolutely a big loss. They don’t usually use blackboard and chalks, their voice is their typical teaching tool or their main capital. They don’t normally have a classroom with chairs arranged into two columns and five rows, students would either sit in real chair or on the floor. Like teachers, however, coaches give instruction on how to do this and how to do that.
Coaches serve as a third eye. They see what we cannot see. In basketball for example, when players are in the hardcourt their main focus is on the ball - who’s handling it and where is it going. They don’t really see whose player is having a good defensive play or whose gonna appear for an offensive rebound. In other words, players don’t really see the whole picture when playing but coaches do. It is the duty of a coach to analyze the game and come up with a good play.

Coaches are either a fan or a critic. They are commentators. In acting for example, when an actor weep in a heavy drama scene a typical televiewer might conclude he’s a good actor because he can cry easily. The actor has instantly gained a fan or has deceived an innocent but an expert in the field of acting, doesn’t react the way typical televiewers do. They know exactly if the acting lacks emotion or it’s too much. Another illustration is this: in a singing contest if you desire to emerge as the sole survivor, most of the time it is not enough that you practice your piece everyday. You may have the tendency to be overzealous and overwork yourself in rehearsals but still end up out of tune. With a coach, expect your aspiration to succeed to be nourished. Coaches know your strengths and your weaknesses. They know exactly which part of your performance is commendable and which needs improvement. That’s why coaches are considered honest creatures because it is their job to be honest.
Why do we need a coach?

Manny Pacquiao, the number 1 pound for pound fighter in the world has been training under the supervision of his coach, Freddie Roach.

Philip Douglas Jackson was the head coach of the Chicago Bulls from 1989 through 1998. During his tenure, Chicago Bulls won six NBA titles.

Jonalyn Viray, Sarah Geronimo, Erik Santos, Rachelle Ann Go and Charice Pempengco are champions and runner-up of different singing competition in the Philippines. Now, they are considered singing sensations of today’s generation. But did you know that they were trained by professional voice coaches before they became popular?

These people have become champions in their chosen field with dedicated and professional coaches in their background. In real life, however, coaches are essential not only when you’re engage in sports or you’re an aspiring movie star or a singing diva. Coaches are there to guide us; to help us reach our plans in life; to help us make life easier. An ordinary person cannot do that only those who are experts in their field can. However, coaches don’t necessarily appear in coat and tie and very articulate in English. They are usually the most successful people who have gone through a lot of failures in pursuit of their utmost priorities in life.

There is nothing wrong to depend on our own wisdom and values but wouldn’t it be easier to achieve our goals if we have a coach on our side?; someone who could help us layout good patterns so we know which direction we should take?; someone who can honestly tell us if we have done a good job or we need to excel more in this area?

Do you also want to be a champion in all aspects in your life? Maybe all you need is a good coach. So do I.

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dylan dimaubusan said...

Di ko natapos basahin, hehe, pero naalala ko pa si Jaworksi nung bata ako nanood kami sa Ultra nun, di ko pa alam ang rules sa basketball and I dont know what does coach really do.

A coach is like a mentor, yes.. It leads you to the right path.

I have many of them, but there is Only One best coach I know. God.

Cheers Rej!

Rej said...

ayan inedit ko na. ang haba pala. haha!

Cheers Dylan! said...

a coach inspires the team to achieve its objective! =)

Sidney said...

Well researched... a coach is indeed very important to a team's successes.

chennn said...

pero mas gusto ko si Bro. Bo :)
sana mapdpad ako isang araw sa preaching/seminar niya sa ortigas ^_^

Rej said...

this post is inspired by my previous company. i used to work with voice coaches which is not too long ago. dun ko narealize na important pala talaga ang coach and ung roles nila sa ibat ibang field. tapos parang naging one topic din sya ni bro bo ung tungkol sa pagkakaroon ng coach sa buhay in one of his talk. parang napaisip lang ako.

chenn, sana nga makaattend ka. iba talaga ang live. its a thirty minute talk na parang libreng seminar. masaya promise :p

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