Sunday, June 21, 2009


First of all, I would like to honor once more all fathers in blogosphere.

Happy Fathers Day!

Special greetings to a father I know personally, Kuya Rowin. I know this year's celebration of Father’s Day is quite different. For ate Menchie and Zek, I know they are very proud of you. For Maia, though she left us at an early age I believe she already understood how blessed she was to have a father like you. Continue to be a blessing to everyone, bro. Happy Father’s Day!
To my Daddy, I wish you were here. I wish we celebrated this special day with you. I hope you're doing fine. Our prayers is alway with you. We love you! _________________________________________________________________

In today’s Kerygma Feast, all attendees received a gift - a small booklet with a title:

Since not everyone has this booklet, let me just share with you some portions of what’s inside.

“Everyone knows they’re going to die, but nobody believes it. If we did, we would do things differently.” – Morrie Schwartz, Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom
In my other blog I have an entry entitled Death, I said “Death is the word that I dreaded the most…” Of course, I am aware that one day I will eventually pass away. I just don’t know when. It’ a scary thought but that’s the reality of life. Dying will all happen to everyone. No living creature on earth is exempted. I think the main purpose of the activity is to prepare ourselves for what’s going happen. Because it’ true, life is not really in our hands.

If you haven’t thought of your answers to the question above, I encourage you to read Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. It’s a story of a professor who uses death to show us how to live. If the book isn't available you may read the synopsis by clicking here or just do one thing – IMAGINE.

Again, say this: If I had only 30 Days to live, How will I live?

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HOMER said...

it's really a big question..

siguro lahat ng mga things ko I'll give to those persons who need it. Yung bank account ko if meron ipamigay ko, totally lahat ipamigay ko..

After that I'll visit all my friends and those people close to me. Ask for forgiveness to those Ive hurt and give forgiveness too.

After that I'll live a solitary life maybe on a mountain or somewhere where I could have a peace of mind as I prepare myself for death.

aLgene said...

death. honestly, it frightens me. i know it's our sure destiny but right now, i can't welcome it to my life..

if i only had 30 days left, i'll make sure to express my love to my loved ones and tell them that no matter what happens and wherever i go, i'll always bring with me the good and bad memories we've shared together. i'll also ask for forgiveness to those i have sinned..

the last thing? i would thank God for the taste of life. :)

PeterPan said...

Well concern ko lang ang mga kids ko, if i see them na maayos na buhay nila then i might think about my other personal aspiration then after that i can say that im ready to die.

Life Ramblings said...

this is terrifying. i guess i would spend more time with family and friends thanking them for all their support, the love and the care that they have given me.


Kailangan ba katakutan? Choz! :)

Una, ibeebenta or ipapamigay ko toy collection ko. (AWTS!)

Secondly, Magpipicture ako ng maring marami

Tapos, Bili ako ng Volswagen. Joyride kami ng Tatay ko. :)

Ayus ba?

Rej said...

Death scares ne because I don't know how I will leave the world…

Lately, I've been hearing stories of people with cancer. Their stories revolve not only in their struggles for survival but more importantly how their lives have changed because of the fatal disease. They suddenly realize what is really essential… Sometimes I wonder do we need to have a doctor tells us “You only have 30 days to live” before we recognize what really matters in our life?

Believe Achieve - Hugo and Roxanne said...

Hi Rej,

I just read a post on one of my friend's blog and she wrote about the oldest living person to date. He's currently 113yrs. old and very healthy! His story is fascinating! And the funny thing is he gives credit to "cigarettes, whisky, and wild, wild women" for his longevity! Too Funny!

Death doesn't scare us. It can't scare you when you live each day to it's absolute fullest. Be grateful for each moment and make every second count. Then, when death does come, because it will, you'll know you LIVED your best life. :-)

Many Blessings....

Roxanne and Hugo
Believe Achieve

P.S. Be sure to stop by and celebrate another Friendship Friday with us! We'd love for you to meet our dear friend, Victoria, and answer today's Friendship question. :-)

Rej said...

@ Roxanne and Hugo: That's almost exactly what our preacher has shared last Sunday. His life is incredible. I was searching for a video of his talk here in the net unfortunately its not available. :(

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