Wednesday, June 24, 2009

When Mood Swing Strikes

I hate it when I am sick.

I sometimes transform into a monster. My mood swings are so active. No one knows when my bad temper will burst. In fact, just an hour ago I had a minor fight with my brother. I saw a lot of his stuff in the living room. In a very authoritative tone I said "Kunin mo tong mga gamit mo dito. Kung di mo kukunin itatapon ko lahat to" (Pick up all your things here. If you refuse to follow me at once I will throw it all away)! With a vehement reaction “May sakit ka lang eh,” my brother rapidly paused the online game he was playing and grabbed his belongings away from my sight. It didn’t take me too long to realize how rude I was. The next thing I did – I kept quiet. :D

2 Speak:

jei said...

Okay lang 'yun, ganun naman talaga pag may sakit ka, wala sa mood. Aburido ka kaya mainit ang ulo.

Nobe said...

we all have mood swings. i'm a childish bitch whenever i have them. hahaha!


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