Monday, July 13, 2009

Don't Complain

Did you smoke minutes before you go to sleep?
Don’t complain if your wife or husband doesn’t want to sleep beside you.

Did you drink a case of beer last night?
Don’t complain if you feel nauseous and have no energy to report to work.

Did you spend most of your time on online games instead of reviewing for your upcoming board exam?
Don’t complain if your name does not appear in the list of board exam passers.

Did you indulge in womanizing and premarital sex?
Don’t complain if everybody calls you “Playboy” and no one would take you seriously when you’re ready to settle down.

Did you go home late without permission?
Don’t complain if your mother’s voice can be heard in the entire neighborhood and seems unstoppable.

Did you savor your unlimited call or text priviledge until midnight even though you have to wake up early the next day?
Don’t complain if your head is aching and your eye bags are bigger than your eyes.

Did you hit your credit card limit just to splurge it to your luxuries?
Don’t complain if one day you find yourself burried in debts.

Don’t complain. You chose that life.

3 Speak:

bluedreamer27 said...

whoah thanks god i never do anything here\i dont smoke drink and any other vises

admin said...

hahaha thanks god too im dont have any vices aside from the internet..hehehe

ezekiel13 said...

Yes! I'm guilty. I always complain having no rest when I stayed all night surfing the internet.. hehe.. I believe it's better to appreciate things rather than complaining.

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