Sunday, July 19, 2009

Take a Stand

Today, it is so difficult to have a strong political outlook when on one channel you can see Cong. Escudero and some Party-List Representatives filing impeachment complain against the president and on the other station there is Sec. Defensor defending PGMA and the government’s plan for economic growth.

It is a given fact that there are so many (if not all) corrupt government officials in all parts of this country. We do not know exactly where our taxes go. Is it in public schools renovation? Or in anti-drug campaign? Or in housing projects for the poor? Or in the mansion of a High General? Or in BMW of an administration or opposition leader?

On the other hand, you would wonder why there are so many people always rallying in Mendiola? Don’t they have jobs? Why they seem to enjoy putting busy people on a heavy traffic while their only wish is to be in office or school and use their energies in more productive purposes?

In my opinion, as citizen of this country, I should take a stand. But how can I do that when I can hardly identify which party is telling the truth and has a sincere intention in serving the nation. Is it the administration? Or the opposition?

There are so many questions which I believe will always remain - unanswered. In the preceding paragraph, I said “I should take a stand.” I have just realized, why should I be slave of other’s principle? It is not really the politicians or the communists that I should be supporting. There are so many people who have bigger dreams for this country and I should be one of them. I can start by doing small things at home and from there I can work on achieving higher aspirations. But then, I salute people who are sincerely fighting for what they believe is right. It also takes a lot of courage and compassion to speak in front of a large crowd. I guess they are here to strike a balance in the society.
Posted 7/19/06 2:23 AM

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