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There is a saying “There is no place like home.”There are songs entitled “Home” by Daughtry and Michael Buble.
When a balikbayan reaches his native land, he or she is greeted with the statement “Welcome Home!”Publication stores sell magazines called "My Home."

Home, Home, Home, Home…

What is home?

Have you experienced sharing a room with strangers owned by a stranger? Or have you tried renting an apartment near your workplace or located in university’s residential areas? Or are you one of the millions of Filipinos who work abroad?

If you answer YES, I am so sure you can define the word HOME even if you don’t scan a dictionary or google its definition.

As for me, I experienced an “independent life” when I started earning a living. I was one of those newly graduates who had a strong desire to save even a small percentage of my monthly income amidst difficulties in balancing financial resources. I rented a space in the vicinity of Leveriza, Pasay City just one ride away from my office. We were a bunch of five - all-female, single and very much available. :p Among the group, I was the most unfamiliar face. I was an alien. Yes, I knew their names and I assume they also knew mine but that’s it. My work schedule didn’t match with theirs, so I had very little opportunity to befriend them. When loneliness started to dampen my spirit, I also began doing the back- and-forth routine almost every other day until eventually I returned all my belongings to its original place.
.My next journey of independent life occurred just recently. I worked in a very far far away land. Two to four hours travel (x 2) to give you a brief description of my daily itinerary. We had a staff house close to our office. I stayed in that place for a while but due to some chronic events I couldn’t agree with, I decided to return to what I do best – the back-and-forth routine. Although I knew that my physical resistance might soon suffer as well as my pocket, it wasn’t really a difficult decision. I was learning to love my job. That’s the foremost reason why I didn’t immediately consider resigning an option. Yet, as expected, I didn’t last long.

There are pros and cons in living a different lifestyle. It takes a lot of adjustment to live with people you are not related with. An independent life has taught me a lot of things. However, there is one thing that I refused to learn – how to stay.


Because it’s true “There is no place like home.”
Because I injected in brain cells the lines “I am going home to a place where I belong...”Because my heart is always shouting “I wanna go home. I gotta go home. Let me go home.”Because each time I step on our door I feel that every folks in this house are telling me “Welcome home!”
Because even the most ventilated residence or the grandest mansion I see in the magazine has no match to a place I call “My Home.”
And on top of everything, "My Family is My Home."

My Family

My dear friends, what is home to you?

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Rainy days. *sigh*

you made me teary-eyed again.

chennn said...

home? un tipong aping-api ka na ng mga nangyayari sa paligid mo at "dun" ka pupunta dahil alm mong dun ka magiging bida ^____^

advance happy birthday ate! :D

HOMER said...

there's no place like home nga ika nga, I miss na tuloy yung hometown ko, mas simple kasi yung buhay dun eh, malayo sa usok ng Manila, mga sasakyan, just love the breeze of the air talaga sa province.

Believe Achieve - Hugo and Roxanne said...

Hi Rej,

Home, to us, is where LOVE is. A house isn't "home" without Love.

We hope you get the opportunity to go home to see your family soon. We understand how difficult it must be for you.

Here's an idea to help your current place feel more like home: surround yourself with things that remind you of love and home. Place family pictures on your wall, on your desk and your nightstand. Even add scenic pictures that remind you of home, too.

It's possible to create a home away from home. Although, your family isn't there, the love you have for them and them for you, will always be with you.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. Take Care!

Many Blessings....

Roxanne and Hugo
Believe Achieve

P.S. We dedicated Today's Friendship Friday post to you! Thanks so much for your Friendship!

Rej said...

@ ACRYLIQUE: malayo ka ba sa family mo? isipin mo na lang ung sinabi ni Hugo and Roxanne "the love you have for them and them for you, will always be with you."

@ chenn: totoo yang sinabi mo. thanks sa greetings. :)

@ HOMER: oo nga sa province masarap ang simoy ng hangin dito sa manila madalas ako sinusumpong ng allergy. :(

@ Hugo and Roxanne: thank you also for the friendship. :)


Yup, I live alone here in Manila. Mellodramatic lang lalo na kapag may sakit ako. hehe.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Rej .. lovely post .. thank you & thank you to Hugo and Roxanne for introducing us ..

Home is love, security regardless of $, peace .. without added weight of worries that are not of your own making ..

Look after yourself .. you'll make it through I know ..

All the very best -
Hilary Melton-Butcher
Positive Letters

Marketing Unscrambled, learn to earn 14 said...

Hello Rej,
That is a very nice post. It can be very difficult to leave the things that are what you know best. You will find your way to be on your own sometime. If you are not ready just yet stay where you are. There will be a way and a time when it will be just right for you and things will go better. Maybe just around the corner from you parents home for a start (close by so you can visit daily.) Then try a bit farther way ( a mile or so.) Stay in the same town as they are in (if that is as far as you ever get away from them, leave it at that.)
Enjoy the journey of life that is part of it. It will work somehow.

We would like to thank Hugo and Roxanne for letting us know of your blog. It has been nice to read it. Have a good day.

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

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