Monday, July 13, 2009

A Short Tour to Virtual Homes

She started blogging in 2005 when her “unemployed” status brought her to a place she never thought would be her virtual home. Writing (typing rather) was just a simple pastime – a way to ameliorate idleness. For this reason, five blogs were born one after the other: kiddomind, rej-idiosyncrasy (now rej-goneastray), oops-at-23, bam4a and mtv ayos.

The Description
kiddomind – tells a percentage of the lifestory of a twenty something creature who is more oftenly perceived as a kid rather than a young woman (height is one obvious factor). It is a blog that aims to share simple - inspiring - feel good - overjoyed - not too complicated opinions, facts and personal anecdotes.

rej-goneastray – is a compilation of stories with a dose of sadness and misery. However, towards the last part of every entry the author tries to convert the negative emotions into something that we could all learn from (hopefully).

oops-at-23 – are tales that talk about anything under the sun, written in Filipino language. Here, the writer tries to avoid being sentimental. The use of first personal pronoun – I, me, mine and myself is also limited. There are few times, however, she feels a strong desire to express herself in Tagalog. Or should I say she couldn’t translate her thoughts in English for the time being? In short, nosebleed!

bam4a – illustrates the adventures of 39 young adults who took up BAM which stands for Bachelor of Arts in Management at TUP, Manila from year 2000 to 2004. Their bond is equivalent to fun, fun, fun. Warning: Dito, bawal ang pikon!

mtvayos – is dedicated to her high school friends, barkada, dabarkads, berks, tropa or whatsoever. Time and unavoidable circumstances are the two major causes of the group’s physical separation but the memories of the good old days have kept the friendship alive in spirit.

About the Author

Rej is 25, female and Rej is not her real name. Rej is just one of the many names attached to her; a young woman who has no fashion sense, a kitchen disaster, a frustrated architect and doesn’t know how to swim. She has a lot of weaknesses but she prefers utilizing the many blessings she is receiving rather than dwelling to her numerous imperfections. At present, she is internally trying to decipher the track towards the realization of her dreams. Though her direction remains blurry, she is optimistic that there is a bright future ahead of her simply because there are people who are always willing to support her and most importantly there is God who loves her so much (and loves you too).

Her blogs will reveal to you her flaws and wrong decisions in life. Nevertheless, she is very certain that life is beautiful.

The Reason

Thank you Jesus

Joan aka Rej

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