Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Everybody is Looking for You

Last night I read the book entitled Parables of Jesus. There is one short story in this book that talks about people wanting to see you. It’s a very interesting reflection. I wanted to have my own version of the story but I couldn’t find better words. So, let me just share it with you. Read and be inspired.

Looking for Jesus – The Cure of Simon’s Mother-in-Law (Mk 1:29-39)Parables of Jesus (Homilies and Reflections of my Parish Priest)
by Steven C. Zabala
Our Lady of Penteconst Parish

Rising very early before dawn, he left and went off a deserted place, where he prayed. Simon and those who were with him pursued him, and on finding him said, “Everyone is looking for you” (Mk 1:37).

Everyone is looking for you. How would you react if this statement was said to you? I’m sure we will have varied reactions as there could be many reasons why people would look for us.

For somebody who wants the limelight, this is the dream of a lifetime. For a showbiz superstar, this is a good sign for his career, as this indicates his popular value. For a man who has lots of bills to be paid, this can be frightening news. For somebody who wants to be in silence, this is the ultimate distraction.

An Ateneo Law graduates, who was just waiting for the result of his bar exams, was gunned down in a minor traffic altercation. The killer left his motorcyle in the crime scene which has become the primary lead to track him. Reports said that the motorycyle changed ownership four times. The face of the suspect has been published in the major dailies. If the suspect is told that everybody is looking for him, I am sure, he would not be pleased.

Shall we hide when people look for us? Or shall we come out and face them with delight and enthusiasm in our hearts?

I hope people look for us not because of the bad things we have done but because of the good things we have done for them.

Some nuns are assigned to sing in one of our daily masses. On few occassions, they would look for me, “Father, bakit di po kayo nagmisa kahapon? Kailagan po kasi namin ng magtotono ng aming gitara (Father, why didn’t you lead the mass yesterday? We were looking for you because we needed someone to modify our guitar)!”

People should look for us not only because of what we have done but also because of what we can still do for them. Isn’t it wonderful to be sought because of our good deeds in the past and the good deeds we can offer in the future?

It is certainly a blessing if people look for us because they have seen our goodness. They have seen how inspiring we can be to them. They have experienced how we can make their lives better and more meaninful.

People came looking for Jesus. He is someone who offers healing, salvation, care and love. Because the sick experienced the tender compassion of Jesus, they would not let go of him. But not only the sick, many people who were healthy were touched by Jesus’ person. It is no surprise therefore that everybody was looking for him.

Those who have shown us goodness are those we enjoy looking for in life. If you want people to look for you, show them good deeds. Allow them to see Christ’s goodness in your heart!

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