Wednesday, July 1, 2009

You're the ONE

Today is the 1st day of July 2009. What does this month mean to you? Second season of erratic weather conditions, perhaps or maybe two months away to various Yuletide jingles and Santa Claus replicas.

As for me, July marks the beginning of birthday celebrations in our family which runs until December.
July – Big Bro.August – My BirthmonthSeptember – MommyOctober – Our youngestNovember – DaddyDecember – Papa Jesus
It is a norm to a lot of families to throw a feast during special occassions which include birthdays. Ours are just simple merriment – the whole family takes delight on a sumptuous repast put in the dining table while chit chatting over trifling stories to the most complicated.

Now, please allow me to brag a bit about my mom’s cooking prowess. My mom is the best cook in the world. My taste bud and my family's tummies can attest to that plus our relatives and friends testimonials.

We all know that food is a basic necessity for a man’s survival. But for our family, food is more than a need. It is an effective bonding element – an ingredient that nourishes relationship. My mom is a frugal housewife and mother when it comes to providing us with our wants or luxuries. But she spoils us with food which she herself prepares. She loves cooking and she’s very good at it. The rest of the family enjoys eating which by the way is our expertise.

I am my mother’s absolute opposite though. My repertoire in cooking is limited to tearing foil packs, opening canned goods, frying hotdogs, boiling water and cooking rice with the aide of a rice cooker. I am such a pathetic when it comes to kitchen matters. In fact, I can vividly recall the time when I was home alone and was tasked to cook lunch for the family. My mom left me two pieces tilapia which I should fry. I followed her. The outcome however didn’t appear the way it should be. The supposed to be fried fish became ginisang tilapia instead. Oh yes, I literally massacred the tilapia’s flesh. I was not surprised when nobody dared to partner it with a cup of rice. I, myself, wasn’t able to stand the horrible fate of the two tilapia. Poor tilapia!

I am just glad that my mom has a special gift in various cuisines. We don’t have to eat ginisang tilapia or be immuned to canned goods and instant meals.

Sorry Goldilocks, but for me you are not the ONE. My mom is on top of my list.

Thanks mom! :)

4 Speak:

aLgene said...

sumptous meal! :D

i missed my mom's recipe so much! i can't wait to go home and let her prepare my favorite dish.

anyway, we are two lucky creatures! we have great mothers who doesn't only provide us with great meals but with everything great in this life. we should thank them for that..

advance happy birthday to you. :)


I miss my mom. Lalo na at i am sick these past few days. I am alone in my house. *sigh* I miss her cooking. :(

manik_reigun said...

astig tol!

may award ako sayo! kunin mo sa aking blog.


Rej said...

the best talaga luto ng ating mga ina.

algene: thanks for the greetings.
ACRYLIQUE: get well soon
manik_reguin: thanks. PERSTAYM! :)

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