Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Gift, My Only Gift

We couldn’t believe the big day has passed by
Just yesterday Tropatits were just sitting in two rows
Pretending that we're listening to our profs
After class we chat, laugh and search for a hottie
Outside the campus the mission continues.

We were the craziest and naughtiest
But never underestimate us
Because our grades were usually on top
Perhaps that's the effect of the beautiful friendship
Strengthened by the storms we were able to conquer.
Years passed so quickly
So different but still the same
Two of our friends just got married
We didn't expect it would be too soon
Nevertheless we all wish them well.

We are very happy for you, Elen and Berna
For picking a great guy
May God bless your marriage
With a bountiful life with your husband
And endless happiness with your children.

Thank you for all the good memories
And as time goes by new ones will form
But the strong bond shall never depart
Because in our hearts we truly value what we had
Best Wishes our dearest friends!

Elen and Rey & Berna and Frederick


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