Thursday, June 22, 2006


(Used in Math Module)
We are deeply grateful to many individuals who have contributed to the preparation of this module. Our special thanks go to Mr. George Bruan, our outstanding Math teacher for his untiring support.

We thank Ms. Jenny Bongalosa, our dear adviser for her various useful suggestions and invaluable guidance.

To our beloved parents who are always supportive of all our endeavors, you’ve been our inspiration to all our achievements. We owe everything to you.

Our thanks also go to our friends namely Jenny (How’s your album? Still no. 1, isn’t it?), Gelai (Plebs will always be plebs), Grace (Just remember we’re always here for you), She (What’s up?), Danieson (Joan owes you a lot for making her famous), Cynthia (The all around nanny), Luzeal (Stop crying. Grow up!), Andrew (Hi!), Cherry (Stop day dreaming specially in Math class), Valerie (Best friend!), Rhio (We miss you!) and Sparkling (You have nicest smile we’ve ever seen).

Also to our Alma Matter, everything would be impossible without our beloved school.

To the different authors of the books and effective equipment used in this module, our deep appreciation for the informative materials

Over and above, we would like to bring the glory to Almighty God the Father, who lavishly showered us his blessings.

By Joan and Shalah

4 Speak:

cynthz said...

hey hey,, waittaminute!

is that right?! am i the so-called-nanny?! isn't it she??! but u know what, its as if i cant remember what was my role in the old times.. what i remember is that i always got the "most helpful" award! hahaha

pwede ba magpost ng mga poems ko dito nung hopeless romantic pa ako,, tutal memories from the past naman to di ba!

miss you girl!

cynthz said...

wait pa ulit,, di ko magets baket pinasalamatan si sir bruan? what happened with the math module? bat hidni si maam sino ba un ung english teacher na ngalit satin? o kaya si sir alba? heheee

peace out!

Rej said...

ano ba yan cha. slow ka pa rin. hahaha!

project namin yan ni shalah sa Math. Acknowledgement namin sa module. Syempre, front lang ang mga pasasalamat sa mga guro... salbahe?! hahaha!!!

cge invite kita. padalhan kita invitation sa e-mail mo. iaccept mo ha.

Rej said...

oo, ikaw ang so-called-nanny. next is she. hehe!

most helpul award? wala ata akong maalalang ganun.

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