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An Interview with Shalah

A Project in English for Prof. Margareth Aquino
SY: 2001 – 2002 (2nd Semester)
Prepared by: Joan and Mary Ann

Joan: Several months to go another millions of college students are about to graduate. Another batch to march their way up the stage and get out of their institutions.

Ann: After spending so many years in reading long stories, memorizing chemical formulas, computing head aching Math problems, learning mind-boggling information, now is the time they make ready to face a more crucial stage of their lives – being an independent.

Joan: It may seem a long way to go but for them it marks the beginning of thinking about the future and what lies ahead.

So this afternoon at STI Muñoz we are going to conduct an interview with Ms. Shalah May Anquilo, a graduating student from Science and Technology Institute to share us some of her future plans and preparations.

But before we finally start the conversation, please allow us to introduce ourselves. I’m Joan Reginio

Ann: and Mary Ann Riototar – Second Year College taking up Bachelor of Art in Management major in Industrial Management at Technological University of the Philippines, Ayala Boulevard, Manila.

So a pleasant afternoon Ms. Shalah. For our our question:

Ann: What are you taking up? And when are you going to graduate?
Shalah: I’m taking up Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in STI, Muñoz. And if ever I pass all the requirements needed, I’m gonna graduate in May 2002.

Ann: Why did you take up that course?
Shalah: As you can see the competition of finding jobs nowadays is very tough, being an IT graduate gives me edge since most of the job opportunities includes being a computer literate as one of the most important requirements.

Ann: Why do you said so?
Shalah: Well, look around, read classified ads and you’ll find the answers to your question.

Joan: As a student, what are the problems that you have encountered and how did you handle it?
Shalah: I started to encounter problems when I become a Student Assistant in STI’s faculty. I work at 8:00 am – 12:00 pm and I have a class at 1:00 -05:00 pm. Then, I go back to work again until 7:00. Being a Student Assistant is extremely difficult. It requires a lot of time management and discipline. Discipline in terms of you can’t have so much fun anymore like going out on Friday nights or Saturday nights.

Joan: What else?
Shalah: Another problem that bothers me most is constructing programs in order for us to enhance our programming skills. To be honest, programming drives me crazy. I even think of it before I go to sleep or while I’m eating.

Joan: If you would be given a chance to take a rest would you rather take the opportunity or just continue working?
Shalah: I think I’ll continue my work.

Joan: Why?
Because I love my work and the people I’ working with. And aside from the exposure I’m getting, I learned a lot from my co-workers experiences and advices. And its fun working at the same time I’m also enjoying it.(I can’t remember the other questions that we asked. I think I already lost it or I never had a copy of it.)

Ann: Ok. Thank you very much Ms. Shalah for accepting our invitation and for sharing us your thoughts. Congratulations in advance. We wish you good luck and have a good life ahead of you.

Ann: After hearing Shalah May’s point of views, plans and visions, we are able to prove to ourselves that student life is a serious commitment that everyone must learn to value for it is one of the most exciting chapters in one’s life. But we have to remember that behind the fun and excitement that education brings lies a vast obstacle that we have to go through before we reach the final destination of higher education – Graduation.

Joan: You may trudge an unfamiliar road. In every step you take, you may fall to the ground. Clouds and even storms may appear but let the number of times you stumble be your inspiration to rise and make your dreams of success a reality.

Ann: Just always remember it is not the hardships you suffer, it is what you learn that matters.

Joan: “Life is a one big course and the universe is one huge university. Every experience, good or bad, brings with it precious gems of knowledge and enlightenment. Concentrate on the life lessons that you learn from your travails, not the pain and hardships they bring. The diploma you will earn from the school of life is wisdom.”

Again this is Joan Reginio

Ann: And Mary Ann Riototar

Together: saying thank you and good afternoon.Note: It took us three hours to finish this interview. To staff and crew of Wendy’s-SM Manila thank you very much for being so accommodating.

P.S. Sa sobrang tagal namin dun, ilang beses kaming dinaan-daanan ng crew na tila nagsasabing “Pwede ba magsilayas na kayo!!!At dahil makapal ang mga mukha namin syempre dedma ang mga lola… Bakit bumili naman kami ng tatlong Frosty ah. P60.00 din yun. Joke?! Hehe!
At bago ko makalimutan, si Shalah nga pala ang nawawalang kapatid ni Darwin. Tama ba ko Ann? Hehe! At dyan po nagtatapos ang aking kwento. Yun lang gusto ko lang ishare. =>

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