Sunday, June 18, 2006

All About Rej

I’m a young woman though it’s not obvious. I’m a good person but far from being a saint. I’m oblivious, most of the time, but not the precious memories I’ve shared with the people who has become part of my life. Most people mistake me as lesbian. I admit I walk like the late FPJ and dress like “one of the boys.” But despite the brusque personality I project, I’m a genuine descendant of Maria Clara by heart. Naks!

I’m usually quiet and kinda kooky too. Talking with imaginary creatures is one of my favorite pastimes. But don’t be scared because they don’t respond. And I hope they won’t betray me. Hehe! If you think it’s a sign of mental disorder then consider it as one. But I would rather call it, day dreaming. However, if there is someone who would like to hammer my head so I could wake up and be present with the real world, he is free to do so. And my imaginary friends will do the “resbak.” Hehe! Well, sometimes I can be funny too (I assume).

I am a frustrated architect. Not because I flunk in three subjects in architecture and decided not to continue it. It was my dream when I was in 6th grade. Now, I don’t mind it. Anyway, I’m still the architect of my own destiny. I’m an architect without a license. We all are.

I can draw when there is a copy. I can write when I’m inspired or at the lowest point. I know how to read notes and play piano (just the basic). I can play with kids (1 – 4 years old) or be their lookout as they doggedly smash toys on the floor. I can listen to your stories and give support if you need it too. But please don’t ask me to cook for you because I might burn the kitchen or the entire house.

I love pasta and pizza but I hate anything with mayonnaise. I’m also an avid viewer of Eat Bulaga and a victim of Koreanovelas. An internet enthusiast but I no longer have a Friendster account due to abysmal addiction. I used to watch Basketball when Barangay Ginebra was still Gordon’s Gin and simply Ginebra (with Locsin, Hizon, Aquino, David and Jarencio as the starting five and Jaworski as the coach). I don’t have a job now. And I don’t know why. But I’m not lazy. Maybe I just want to make sure that when it comes, I’m ready to face the challenge with maturity and courage. And soon I can play a part in the lives of many people. Including you, who knows?

Thus, I’m a just simple person with an average lifestyle. And a certified constituent of bobongpinoy.

Join Take part. Be heard.

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