Thursday, June 8, 2006

Nailed in the Couch

When Pinoy Big Brother started airing last year, I really thought that this reality show was non-sense. Because most of the happenings inside the house were being magnified to the point that you can hardly identify which is true or has been edited for marketing purposes or whatsoever. And until now, my opinion has not changed a bit. But for some unexplainable reasons, one day I just found myself nailed in the couch watching the PBB Teen Edition. And it has become a habit since then. Or should I say I eventually became an avid viewer?

I am 22 years old - not a teenager by age but the total package is as young as ever (Really?!). Going back to the topic, I think one of the main reasons why I followed the show from start to end is that it brought back the memoirs of my teenage years. Of course, not literally speaking, but figuratively I was able to recall those memories that I truly cherish as if it all happened yesterday.

Watching these teens made me feel that I was one of them. Through them, I saw vivid pictures of how it was to be considered young wherein life appears so simple. Despite the ennui and struggles that they were encountering inside the house, only a handful signs of melancholy has been revealed. Obviously, these teenagers know how to enjoy life.

Six years ago, I was a person full of high ideals and fighting spirit. Nonetheless, I never forgot to relish the simple things that were happening to me and to the people surrounding me. Just like the teen housemates. They lived together in one house with so many restrictions but they treated it with gusto as if they were just having a grand vacation.

PBB Teen Edition, for me, embodies not just the attitude of the youth but also the character of older generation when they were younger. Because in reality, when a person is on its teenage years he is armed with so much zest. But as a person transforms into an adult, there will be so many changes. Aside from the physical appearance of a person, the attitude and the outlook about life also change. It may not be true to all but I suppose many people will agree.

To sum this up, I supported PBB Teen Edition because it has given me a wonderful feeling that was lost. And for that, I would like to congratulate PBB staff for being successful in choosing the right teen housemates. However, next time, I hope the show will concentrate on how they can build up one’s character (the housemates and the tv viewers) instead of intensifying trivial issues as an additive to the show and thus coax more viewers. Well, that’s another story.

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