Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Remembering our Grandparents

Last year my grandmother suffered a mild stroke. She was rushed from Quezon province to Chinese General Hospital by her sons and daughters living near my grandparents’ house. The entire family reunited but not for a bottle of wine and crispy lechon. It was one of the darkest points in our lives. We were not ready to lose her. We all prayed for God’s healing. And God answered our deepest prayer. Now, almost everything is back to normal except for constant reminder to be more cautious of her health. God is good.

Last December 2008, I joined a pilgrimage in Anawim Lay Missions Foundation. Let me give you a brief desciption about Anawim.

ANAWIM is a Hebrew word which means: the poor, the afflicted, the humble - those who stand faithful before God even and especially in the worst of times (source: http://www.olhc.org/). It is the home of more than 50 abandoned elderly and few orphans and physically and mentally handicapped persons. Basic human necessities like food, clothings, and shelter are being provided by the founders, volunteers and sponsors who flock and live in Anawim. But we, human beings, the tangibles are not enough for us to survive. We need to feel loved. Hand in hand, the founders, volunteers and visitors are the ones filling up the empty cup.

It is so difficult to understand why these elders have been abandoned by their own families. Is it because of fate or simply the product of lack of love and gratitude of their own family? On September 13, we’ll be celebrating Grandparents’ Day. Some grandpas and grandmas will be pampered by their kids and grandchildren. I am not sure if the abandoned elders will experience the same indulgence. But for me, one thing is definite, like my grandmother (and grandfather)they are special people. They deserve eternal love. Nothing but true love.

We can make them smile

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A-Z-E-L said...


i saw the ANAWIM site... saw their needs and everything in the website.

and it's breaking my heart to see them there instead of being with their families.


Rej said...

Oo nga eh. Ang hirap talaga maintindihan.

Yung solo old man sa pic. Actually grave yung inuupuan nya. Yun yung mga namamatay na wala na talagang family na nagclaim nung body.

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